Riding Off Highway Recreational Vehicles (OHRV) (ATV's, UTV's and trail bikes) is an increasingly popular trail use in New Hampshire.

Through the cooperative efforts of landowners, volunteer organizations, and the State, roughly 1200 miles of trails are open for summertime OHRV riding.

The trail system includes several multi-use Recreational Rail Trails throughout the state that are owned/managed by New Hampshire., many that are part of the local OHRV club network, and an integral piece of the overall OHRV Trail System within the state.

New Hampshire is also home to the largest interconnected trail network within the northeast, one of the largest in the country, Ride the Wilds. A national destination, this system affords riders access to restaurants, shops, gas, and other destinations, while allowing them to view the state’s breathtaking scenery.

Whether you ride your own OHRV or rent one, you are sure to enjoy the experience of riding in New Hampshire.