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Seacoast Parking

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Paying a Parking Citation
NH State Parks has a convenient parking station system.
Some of the features:

  • Pay stations with the option to use pay-by-phone mobile apps.
  • Time-saving Pay-by-Plate system for both - no longer need to display receipts on dashboards.
  • Guests can add time to their existing spot without the need to return to the pay station, regardless of initial payment method. 

For more info:
Download User Info Sheet  Read Press Release

Using Our Smart Pay Stations:

pay_station_2-(1).jpgThe State of NH uses a Pay-by-Plate system, which means you will no longer need to return to your vehicle after completing your transaction. You will need to enter your license plate number at the kiosk or on the Mobile Apps that work with our system (either ParkMobile or Park Smarter)–so write it down or take a picture of  it before you walk away from your vehicle!

The multi-space pay stations are located at cross walks, near beach entrances, or on the east side of the center lots. Signs indicating to “Pay For Parking” are posted above the pay station. We no longer have coin operated meters. The pay stations accept paper money as well as credit and debit cards (American Express, MasterCard, Visa and Discover). Payment may be made at any pay-station.




This app works with our pay station system:



Warning Citation $0.00 Motorcycle Parking Only $25.00 
Expired Meter $25.00 Length Limit $25.00
No Receipt Displayed $25.00 Parked in Roadway $25.00 
Receipt Face Down/Unreadable  $25.00 Other (See Comment) $25.00 
No Parking Area $25.00 Parked at Fire Plug $50.00
White Line Violation  $25.00  Handicapped Placard Unreadable  $25.00 
Crosswalk  $25.00 Handicapped Space Only $250.00 
Parking - Police Only  $25.00     
North Beach Parking Regulations: 

The following parking regulations have been put into effect by Hampton Police Department for the State’s metered spots along 
the sea wall on Ocean Boulevard from 6th Street to 19th Street:

• No parking after 10 pm
• No idling vehicles
• Head-in parking only

Citation payments must be received no more than 20 days from the issue date to avoid late fees. Payments may be made in person, online or through the mail in the envelope provided with the citation.  NOTE: When sending payment through mail, the citation number must be provided to ensure accurate processing of payment.

In Person: Mail: Online:
180 Ocean Blvd
Hampton, NH
State of New Hampshire
Division of Parks and Recreation
PO Box 9602
Manchester, NH  03108-9602
Click here to pay

Late Fees:

Late fees will be assessed on ALL outstanding balances. Payments must be received no later than:
Fee Date Assessed Amount added to outstanding balance
#1 Day 21 $25.00
#2 Day 41 $25.00
#3  Day 61  $25.00

If there is still an outstanding balance after 85 days, your account may be turned over to a collection agency.


If you feel you have received a parking citation in error or have some reason why the citation should be voided, complete our online citation appeal form here. All appeals must be received within 60 days of issue date for consideration. Verbal appeals will not be accepted.

Please note that the reasons listed below are not acceptable grounds for approving an appeal:
  • Just there a short time
  • Parked in the same area and did not receive a ticket before
  • Time constraints (Only a minute late)
  • Did not intend to do it
  • Someone else was using my vehicle
  • Did not see the sign
  • Did not know about the seacoast parking regulations
  • Vehicle was unattended, not parked
  • No one else received a ticket
  • Lack of a valid parking space
  • Lack of a convenient parking space
  • Lack of funds or credit card
  • The fine amount is too high
Your appeal will receive an administrative review provided all required information is submitted.  Appeals are reviewed in the order in which they are received. You will be notified by mail or email of the appeal determination. If the citation is deemed valid, you will be given an additional 20 days from the date of determination before additional late fees are assessed.  Remember: Payment must be received within 20 days from the determination date to avoid late fees. 

NOTE: In order to allow for full administrative review of an appeal, appeals MUST be received prior to receiving payment. If payment is received prior to an appeal, an appeal will not be accepted. Once the citation is placed on appeal, the current balance is placed on hold and no additional fees are assessed until a determination is made. If the appeal is denied, an email will be sent to indicate when payment must be received before additional fees are assessed.

Seacoast Parking FAQs

Can I Add Time to the Smart Pay Stations to Stay Longer?

Yes and if using the App, guests can add time to their existing spot without the need to return to the pay station, regardless of initial payment method. 

What if I Paid for More Time Than I Need?

The Division of Parks and Recreation does not issue refunds for unused time.

Is There a Size Limit to the Parking Spaces?

Yes. Maximum vehicle length is 20 feet.

What Should I do if the Smart Pay Station Doesn’t Work?

You can purchase time from any Smart Pay Station. Meters communicate with parking division employees if there is a problem. A malfunctioning coin or card slot will automatically close, preventing customers from paying if a receipt cannot be issued.  You can also report an issue to Meter Patrol at 603-227-8700.

Can I Use a Disabled Permit in any Metered Parking Spot?

Currently, your disabled permit/placard allows you to park without paying however your placard MUST be hanging to avoid being ticketed.

Does parking cost more at a Pay & Display Station?

No. Traditional parking meters and the Pay & Display system both charge the same parking fee.

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