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snowmobiling in northern new hampshire snowmobiling in northern new hampshire


From Pelham to Pittsburg and everywhere in between, New Hampshire offers some of the best snowmobiling in all of New England. With 7,000 miles of snowmobile trails and not one leads to your office, it has become a New Hampshire lifestyle for the snowmobile enthusiast.

This is made possible through the partnerships with thousands of landowners who generously open up their land for the recreation of snowmobiling. Countless club volunteers work tirelessly to construct and maintain this vast trail system. It's New Hampshire Naturally!

CAUTION: Because of the low snowpack, Great River Hydro is reducing outflows which may result in lake levels increasing at Lake Francis and First Connecticut Lake.  This may make the ice along the shoreline unstable and impact snowmobiling and ice fishing.

Resources and Information

Snowmobile Trail Conditions Reports

Snowmobile Trail Report for Clubs - Please submit your condition report by Wednesday afternoon to be included in the weekend report.

CAUTION: Because of the low snowpack, Great River Hydro is reducing outflows which may result in lake levels increasing at Lake Francis and First Connecticut Lake.  This may make the ice along the shoreline unstable and impact snowmobiling and ice fishing.

Trail Conditions Report, March 1, 2024

Please check with your local clubs for more condition details in your local area as the weather changes.

This report is “as of the above date”.  Trail conditions change depending on weather and use and will be rapidly changing with warm weather.  If you have concerns about possible condition changes, contact the local club before you go out.

Trail Conditions Condition Report for Clubs - must be submitted by Wednesday afternoon to be included. 

This report’s rating system:
Good - Trail is flat with a good base, there may be ice underneath, and while groomed snow could become a bit mushy.
Moderate - Trail has decent riding, but may have bare spots, ice, or rough sections.
Marginal - Trail is passable, but may have thin snow, open or partially filled water bars, bare spots, ice, or trees down.


  • Pittsburg Ridge Runners, Pittsburg: OPEN, groomed with marginal to great conditions and no new snow. CAUTION: CLOSURES, Corr.20 to Beecher Falls, Corr. 20 to village for Jct. 318, Primary 140 between Dorman's gas and Youngs store. Trails are being groomed as weather permits. Trails to the north are in great condition.
  • Colebrook Ski-Bees, Colebrook/Stewartstown: 50% OPEN, Not groomed with marginal to moderate conditions and no new snow. With the lack of snow and warmer temperatures everything on the West side of the trail system is CLOSED, including everything leading into town. Dixville Peak area and higher elevations are still open with moderate snow coverage. Corr.5 to SR is open with limited snow. Please watch the clubs FB page for updates. Please remember to Stay on The Trails & Respect our Landowners!
  • Swift Diamond Riders, Stewartstown (Coleman State Park/Diamond Pond): OPEN - Marginal to moderate conditions with no new snow. CAUTION:  Avoid Corr. 5 it has marginal conditions. Spring conditions and grooming when weather permits.
  • Umbagog Snowmobile Association, Errol/Cambridge/Millsfield: OPEN, groomed, marginal conditions with no new snow. Trail conditions are marginal with the warm temps. Conditions unknown until temp drops, and we can get out. CAUTION: Corr. 18 from Primary 110 to Primary 115(Buffalo Trail) closed due to lack of snow. Expect spring conditions with ice, bare ground, and exposed rocks. Please watch the clubs FB page for updates.
  • Stratford Nighthawks, Stratford/Columbia: No report from club this week.
  • Groveton Trailblazers, Northumberland/Groveton/Stark: OPEN -groomed with marginal to moderate conditions and new snow.  There is dirt showing through in some spots, Watch for rocks. Some water bars are starting to run. USE CAUTION! Corr.7N is still closed for logging until further notice. Corr.28 is closed for logging for the rest of the season. People with camps at Trio Ponds can still access them by snowmobile from Nash Stream. Corr.5S from the clubhouse is open with marginal conditions. SPRING Conditions.  Grooming operations have been suspended until we get more snow.
  • Milan All Weather Riders, Milan:  OPEN - not groomed with marginal to moderate conditions. SPRING CONDITIONS Primary 114 is bare. Logging roads are moderate, grooming will continue when weather and conditions permit.
  • Lancaster Snowdrifters, Lancaster:  CLOSED
  • Jefferson Hi-Landers, Jefferson: CLOSED, Agnew Trail, Millbrook Road (FR93) and Redbrook Road. All lower-elevation trails have bare spots and open water bars due to warm weather. Higher elevation trails are not accessible at this time!  This includes Jefferson Notch Road, Mt. Mitten, Old Cherry Mountain, and Fire Tower Trail.
  • White Mountain Ridge Runners, Berlin/Success: OPEN, not groomed, marginal with no new snow. CAUTION: Primary 108 is CLOSED until more snow. SPRING CONDITIONS
    • Berlin/Success Trail: CLOSED
  • Jericho State Park: OPEN
  • Dalton Ridge Runners:  CLOSED
  • Monroe Bumper Humpers, Bath/Monroe/Lyman/Littleton: No report from club this week.

  • Mount Agassiz Trail Association, Bethlehem:  CLOSED, if we get measurable snowfall, we will resume grooming and reopen out system if conditions allow. Our gates will remain open for now, but please respect our landowners and stay off the trails. We will update our Facebook page if there is any change in this status.
  • Waumbek Methna Snowmobile Club, Jefferson: No report from club this week.
  • Presidential Range Riders, Gorham: CLOSED
  • Whitefield Sno-Kings, Whitefield: CLOSED
  • Twin Mountain Snowmobile Club: CLOSED
  • Lisbon Stump Jumpers, Lisbon: No report from club.
  • Connecticut Valley Snowmobile Club: CLOSED All events cancelled.
  • Franconia Notch State Park: OPEN - Grooming when weather and conditions permits.
  • White Mountain Snowmobile Club, Lincoln:  No report from club this week.
  • Asquamchumaukee Valley Snowmobile Club, Warren: No report from club this week.
  • Central NH SC, Campton/Ellsworth/Thornton: CLOSED
  • White Mountain Trail Club, Bartlett/Bear Notch: 40% OPEN, Not groomed with marginal conditions on 4-8” base snow. Conditions today are being listed as marginal.  Warm weather followed by fast freeze means hard and icy trails. Meadowbrook Trail is now CLOSED. Neut's Brook Trail is now CLOSED. Sawyer River, Church Pond, Birch Hill and North Fork now CLOSED. Groomer is working Bear Notch Road, Albany Brook and Upper Haystack Trails to try to loosen surface. Will update when more info available.   For most updated conditions and closures posted daily at  Of note this week: Starting Monday March 4th Holderness School is having an annual outing on Meadowbrook Trail in area of Birch Hill, please use an abundance of caution in this area, watch for hikers in trail! Railroad trail is CLOSED, will not open this season. There is a small logging operation ongoing in the area of government buildings on Neut's Brook trail, please use caution in this area and expect possible delays.
  • Mountain Meadow Riders, Conway: 30% OPEN: Not groomed marginal conditions with 2” new snow on 8” base.   CAUTION: RR Tracks are CLOSED from west side road to north and from McDonalds in North Conway to the south, trails are extremely icy and no grooming at this time. Monthly meetings open to all club members on the second Friday each month. Next meeting at 110 Grill in North Conway on 3/8 @ 6p.
  • Corridor 19 Hurricane Mt Road to Maine: 75% OPEN, partially groomed with marginal to moderate conditions on 3-8” base of snow with 1” new snow. Corridor 19 groomed hurricane to Maine at Deer Hill Road, icy Spring conditions. Deer Hill has lots of bare ground, not recommended, need more snow.  

  • Bridgewater Mt. SMC, Bridgewater/New Hampton: No report from club this week.
  • Sandwich Sidehillers, Sandwich: 20% OPEN groomed with moderate conditions. No new snow on 10” base. Only available riding is Sandwich Notch, and P204 West to the end of Eastern Corners Road.
  • Moultonboro Snowmobile Club, Moultonborough: CLOSED 
  • Squam Trail-Busters, Holderness/Ashland/Sandwich/Thornton: 25% OPEN, Groomed with moderate to good conditions. No new snow on 10” base. Trails west/south of Eastern Corners Rd are CLOSED. Only riding currently are the upper elevations, Sandwich Notch, P204 to Eastern Corners. Moderate conditions CAUTION: ongoing construction P204 in the power lines headed to Sandwich Notch.  Plowed/shared road 10mph.
  • Powder Mill SC, New Durham:CLOSED until more snow.
  • Scrub Oak Scramblers, Madison: CLOSED,
  • Ossipee Valley Snowmobile Club, Tamworth: CAUTION:  icy conditions not recommended. No report form club this week.    
  • Hardy Country Snowmobile Club, Hebron: No report from club this week.
  • Meredith Sno-Streakers, Meredith: CLOSED
  • Alexandria Ledge Climbers, Alexandria: No report form club this week.
  • Belknap Snowmobilers, Gilford/Laconia: No report from club at this time.
  • Mohawk Trail Riders, Sanbornton/New Hampton: CLOSED - No report from club at this time.
  • Seven Lakes Snowmobile Club, Wakefield: No report from club at this time.Not recommended.
  • Wolfeboro Snowmobile Club, Wolfeboro:  CLOSED Unfortunately, due to lack of snow, our trail system is CLOSED at this time.
  • Mount Major SC, Alton: No report from club at this time.
  • Snow Drifters, Rumney, Plymouth, Groton, Hebron: 50% OPEN, groomed with moderate conditions. No new snow on 6” base. Route 11 and Route 8 from Rumney to Plymouth are CLOSED.  Route 152 to Campton is CLOSED.  Routes 151 and 153 to Dorchester are open with moderate conditions.  Routes 151 and 153 and 11 towards Hebron/Bridgewater were all groomed this past Sunday night.  We will not be grooming again unless we get some snow.
  • Baker River Valley Snowmobile Club, Dorchester/Groton/Wentworth: 75% OPEN - groomed with good conditions on 0-15” base. Unfortunately, as of today, Wednesday 2/28/24, riding out of the clubhouse has been closed. CAUTION: Corridor 8 west towards the powerlines is down to dirt/mud in several areas, therefore, is CLOSED. Currently, Hog Hill and the Rocky’s are still open and accessible by Lyme Pinnacle, Hardy Country and Mt. Cardigan. The warm weather and rain have been negatively affecting the coverage. We will be watching the conditions closely and update as needed. 0 new snow on 0-15” base.
    • Our clubhouse is normally open from 8 am - 4 pm on Saturdays and Sundays, however, we have not yet made a determination about this coming weekend. Check out our website for more information -
  • Castle in the Clouds: OPEN, but no riding available.
  • Lyme Pinnacle Snowmobile Club, Lyme: 50% OPEN, Not groomed on 0-8” base. 50% marginal conditions, 50 % moderate conditions. Upper elevations still have snow but loosing fast. CAUTION:  Water bars opening up. No access to any gas or food.  Too warm to groom. 
  • Washington Snow Riders, Washington, Dartmouth/Lake Sunapee Region: CLOSED
  • Twin State Trailbusters, Lebanon: CLOSED All woods trails (West Lebanon Loop, corridor 5 South, etc.) will remain closed to protect our landowner's property. 
  • Mount Cardigan Snowmobile Club, Canaan: No report at this time.
  • Blow-Me-Down Snowriders, Cornish/Plainfield: CLOSED
  • Mascoma Valley Snow Travelers, Springfield: No report from club this week.  
  • Sutton Ridge Runners, Sutton: No report from club at this time.
  • Andover Snowmobile Club, Andover: No report from club this week.
  • Lakes Region SC, Franklin: CLOSED
  • Pillsbury State Park, Washington: CLOSED
  • Lake Sunapee Snowmobile Club, Bradford/Newbury/Sunapee: CLOSED Our system is closed until we get groomable snow. The warm temps and rain over the next few days may signal the end of this season. Stay tuned! Pray for SNOW! Please respect our landowners and don’t damage the trails.  Stay OFF any body of water; they are never safe! And STAY on the trail!
  • Shugah Valley Snow Riders, Claremont: No report from club this week.
  • Kearsarge Trail Snails, Warner: CLOSED
  • Twin Ridge Mountaineers, Goshen: CLOSED No report from club this week.

  • Derry Pathfinders (Derry/Windham/Hampstead): No report from club this week.
  •  Great Bay Sno Rollers (Durham/Newmarket):  CLOSED

  • Monadnock Sno-Moles, Rindge: CLOSED
  • Hop/Ev Riding Area, Hopkinton: CLOSED
  • Night Riders, Hillsborough: CLOSED
  • Henniker Trail Travelers: No report from club at this time.
  • Greenfield State Park, Greenfield: CLOSED
  • Pisgah State Park, Winchester: CLOSED
  • Winchester Trail Riders, Winchester: No report from club this week.

  • Fort Mountain Trailwinders, Epsom: CLOSED
  • NH Trail Dawgs, Allenstown/Chichester/Epsom/Loudon/Pembroke: CLOSED 
  • Bear Brook State Park, Allenstown: CLOSED
  • Southern NH Snow Slickers, Candia:  CLOSED
  • Pawtuckaway State Park, Nottingham: CLOSED
  • Weare Winter Wanderers, Dunbarton/Weare: CLOSED


  • Concord to Tilton: Active Line: CLOSED. This is an active railroad line.
  • Tilton to Lincoln: CLOSED
  • Red Stone Line (N Conway-Fryeburg ME): CLOSED


  • Ammonoosuc Recreational Trail: OPEN. No reportable riding at this time.
  • Ashuelot Recreational Rail Trail (Keene to Hinsdale): OPEN – no reportable riding at this time.
  • Cheshire Recreational Rail Trail North (Walpole-Keene): OPEN – no reportable riding at this time.
  • Cheshire Recreational Rail Trail South (Keene-Fitzwilliam): OPEN – no reportable riding at this time.
  • Conway Branch Recreational Rail Trail (Ossipee to Conway): CLOSED - until more snow.
  • Fort Hill Recreational Rail Trail (Hinsdale): OPEN - no reportable riding at this time.
  • Hillsborough Recreational Rail Trail: OPEN, NOTE: Rail Trail is CLOSED from Lyndeborough to Bennington per Dept. of Transportation, Bureau of Rail & Transit.
  • Monadnock (Rindge-Jaffrey): OPEN – no reportable riding at this time.
  • Northern Rail Trail (Boscawen-Lebanon): OPEN, Little to no snow coverage. No reportable riding at this time.
  • Presidential Rail Line (Jefferson to Gorham): OPEN, - Not groomed. No reportable riding at this time.
  • Rochester to Farmington Recreational Rail Trail: OPEN, - no riding available.
  • Rockingham Recreational Trail, Fremont Branch (Windham to Epping): OPEN, - from Windham to Fremont to ATV’s 50” or less. No snowmobile riding available.
  • Rockingham Recreational Trail, Portsmouth Branch (Manchester to Newfields): OPEN - no riding available.
  • Sugar River Recreational Trail (Newport to Claremont): OPEN - not groomed with marginal conditions. No reportable riding at this time.
  • Upper Coos Recreational Trail (Colebrook to Beecher Falls): OPEN - not groomed, no reportable riding at this time.
  • Warren Recreational Trail (Warren): OPEN - not groomed, no reportable riding at this time.

Additional Resources and Information

Club Information

The well maintained snowmobile trails that everyone enjoys in New Hampshire are due to an enormous volunteer effort by the snowmobile clubs throughout the state. Without these dedicated, hardworking volunteers, snowmobiling in New Hampshire wouldn't be the sought after sport that it is.

Snowmobile enthusiasts,  as well as cross country skiers, snow shoers, dog mushers and others, who can't wait for the snow to start falling so they can enjoy their winter activities in New Hampshire, owe a huge THANK YOU to the priceless volunteers who groom and maintain New Hampshire's snowmobile trail system. Please review the Trail Grooming Tips to see how you can assist them.

Join a club and you will never ride alone!

Snowmobiling in NH

Snowmobiling in New Hampshire is one of the state’s most popular forms of winter recreation. With 7,000 miles of snowmobile trails throughout the state, it’s easy to see why.

While there are a number of trails on state owned or managed land that are maintained by the New Hampshire Bureau of Trails, the majority of trails are on private land. 70% of New Hampshire land is privately owned. Private land trails are maintained by the local snowmobile clubs. The clubs are responsible for obtaining landowner permission and maintaining the trails based on their wishes. It is essential that snowmobilers respect landowners’ wishes and their land. NO RESPECT = NO TRAILS

New Hampshire State law provides certain protections for landowners who open their land to those using it for outdoor recreation.

Snowmobilers can only ride on trails designated and signed as a snowmobile trail. Riders should familiarize themselves with signage and state laws.

A free state-wide interactive snowmobile map (maintained by the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association) can be accessed here.  The interactive map is where you can find all NH snowmobile trails and services close to them.  You can also download the application to your cell phone for $4.99.  If you prefer a hard copy map of each trail system maintained by the local clubs, you can obtain them by contacting the club’s directly.

Registering Your Snowmobile

In New Hampshire snowmobiles must be registered when operated anywhere other than the owner’s property. Riding is only allowed on approved trails or on someone’s land that has provided the rider with written permission. There are no additional trail user fees in N.H.

2016/2017 snowmobile registrations are valid from the date of issue through June 30, 2017 and are not prorated. Registrations can be obtained in person at authorized registration agents throughout the state. They may also be obtained in person from the New Hampshire Fish & Game Headquarters, or by calling Fish & Game at (603) 271-4300.

Current registration fees may be accessed here. Fees are reduced for both resident and non-resident snowmobilers if they are a member of a snowmobile club. To learn more about joining a club contact the club that maintains the trails in the area you ride.

Your Snowmobile Registration Fees at Work

Registration fees in New Hampshire are split between two state agencies, NH Fish and Game and the NH Dept. of Resources and Economic Development, Division of Parks and Recreation’s Bureau of Trails. In addition, $1 from each registration goes into the Fish & Game Search and Rescue Fund, $3 from each registration goes to the registration agent, and $2 from each registration goes to the vendor of the electronic registration system.

NH Fish and Game is responsible for the administration of the snowmobile registration program, snowmobile safety education, and law enforcement out on the trails.

The majority of monies the Bureau of Trails receives are returned to the local snowmobile clubs through the Bureau’s Grant-In-Aid Program. There are two types of snowmobile GIA grants, the Summer Grant that provides funds to the clubs for snowmobile trail construction and maintenance (including bridge building/maintenance) and updating or replacement of snowmobile trail grooming equipment, and the Winter Grant that provides funding to snowmobile clubs to help with fuel costs of grooming the snowmobile trails.

New Hampshire has a reputation for excellence with its nationally recognized wealth of wide, well-groomed snowmobile trails. By encouraging snowmobile club membership, providing Safety Education and enforcing snowmobile laws, we work together to provide a safe and enjoyable riding experience. These high standards are maintained by snowmobile registration fees. 

Snowmobile Trail Signage

New Hampshire’s snowmobile trail signs have been created based on international standards for the safety of riders, as well as the rest of the public.

Because who wants to be out on the trail lost? It’s not a good feeling when your gas is getting low and you don’t know where you are or how far away the pumps are. Or what if a rider experiences a medical emergency and needs to let help know their location? And riders should always be able to tell if they are still on an authorized trail system, or have taken an incorrect turn.

It is the rider’s responsibility to familiarize themselves with trail signs and follow direction of them while using New Hampshire’s trail system.

Snowmobile clubs should keep in mind that trail users may not be familiar with their trail system and sign appropriately and adequately. The Bureau of Trails (BOT) has created Trail Signing Guidelines to assist clubs in knowing where and how to post trail signs. The BOT urges all clubs to follow these guidelines and to use the signs supplied by the Bureau so that trails are uniformly marked throughout the State.

Remember to respect landowners and stay on designated trails! Without landowners' permission, there would be no trail system!

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