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New Hampshire has a long history of mushing, dating back to the early 1900s. In modern times mushing has become both a recreational and competitive pursuit, but back then sled dogs were used primarily for transportation purposes.

Today, you can see dog teams and mushers out on multi-use trails training for a race, or just out enjoying the scenery and doing what they love. If you encounter a musher and team of dogs on the trail, please give them plenty of space and approach the team only if the musher says it's okay to do so.

Not all trails and areas are open and suitable for snowmushing, and many parking areas may not accommodate large trailers. Please contact The NH Mushers Association

To ensure a pleasurable and safe visit for both snow mushers and park visitors, please take the time to familiarize yourself with the Division of Parks and Recreation's Rules  and Trail Etiquette.

Please check the NH State Park and Rail Trail pages for the snowmushers symbol and for parking areas.


New England Sled Dog Club
Contact the NH Mushers Association
Dog Sledding History & Dog Sled Making
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