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The New Hampshire Bureau of Trails administers multiple-use trails on state, federal, and private lands. The Bureau of Trails assists organizations, municipalities, and trail clubs with the development of trails on both public and private lands. Included in the bureau's management are 1000 miles of wheeled off-highway recreational vehicle trails, over 300 miles of state owned rail-trails, and 7422 miles of snowmobile trails.

Trails Information and Resources

Additional Information

Memorandum of Agreement

Any off-highway recreational vehicle (OHRV) club, snowmobile club, non-motorized club, or municipality that performs any trail maintenance to Department of Natural and Cultural Resources (DNCR) property will be issued a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between DNCR and the organization. The MOA outlines clear terms and procedures for both the organization and DNCR to follow for the duration of the agreement. Organizations will need to provide a certificate of liability insurance (page 5, item #13) to the trails bureau to file with the MOA to go to the Governor and Executive Council for approval. 

Some items to note: Organizations will also need to submit an annual “End of Year Reporting Form” (download below) to the Bureau of Trails for review and approval. These can be submitted electronically to:

Organizations will need their volunteers to attend and pass basic chainsaw safety training if they are to use a chainsaw on DNCR property. If volunteers possess current chainsaw safety certificates from qualified trainers, copies of these can be submitted to the trails bureau at any time to be added to the club’s list of certified volunteers. 

Below is the DNCR Chainsaw Policy and some Chainsaw Safety Tips for reference. 

OHRV & Snowmobile Crossings and Connectors

Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Highway Maintenance Bureau through the Bureau of Trails. Below is an updated application form that a OHRV or snowmobile club’s Trail Master or Trail Administrator can download and submit to the Bureau of Trails for consideration. Applications may only be submitted by a club’s Trail Master or Trail Administrator.  
Clubs may submit this application with supporting documents electronically to the Bureau of Trail’s District Supervisors or via mail if you choose. The Bureau of Trails will review the applications for completeness and submit to DOT on the club’s behalf. Please make sure to submit labelled color maps with your application or the application will not be considered. Submitting color location photos are optional but preferred.
OHRV crossings will need to have a paved apron off the road shoulder after Bureau of Trails review and approval. See the “OHRV Crossing typical” below for reference.

Applications may be submitted via email to the following:

General Trails Bureau email:
District 1: Clint Savage:  (North Country)
District 2: Mike Weeks: (east of 93, white Mts. south)
District 3: Shawn Violette: (west of 93, white Mts south)

NH BOT OHRV & Snowmobile Crossing/Connector Application form
OHRV Crossing typical 

NH DOT OHRV Policies

Click HERE to be directed to DOT’s highway maintenance bureau for any questions regarding these policies.

For more information and general inquiries about the Trails Bureau:

Contact us at:
172 Pembroke Road, Concord, NH 03301
Phone: (603) 271-3254
Fax: (603) 271-3553
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