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Odiorne Point State Park


570 Ocean Blvd, Rye, NH 03870

Hours and Fees

Open - weekends 3/30, full-time 5/4
Park Office: 603-436-7406

Day Use Fees:
 12 and over $4, NH Residents age 65 and over $0
Child: 5 & under - $0, 6-11, $2
When park is unstaffed during the season, please deposit payment in Iron Ranger (self-serve paystation) or Seacoast Science Center main desk. Checks can be made payable to Treasurer, State of NH.

Seacoast Science Center is currently open Tuesdays-Sundays, 10am-4pm, and is an additional fee.
It is not included with the State Park admission fee.

Season Passes are available

Park Operating Schedules

A Seasonal bathhouse and/or porta pottie for park visitors is located at the main entrance through 11/13.
Porta-potties are available at the boat launch through October.

This park is always open for recreation unless closed or restricted by posting.

Off season use: During off hours and the off-season the park is typically not staffed, comfort stations are not available and gates may be closed. The off-season poses unique risks inherent when participating in outdoor recreational activities. Recreationists should possess the necessary knowledge, skill, and equipment to ensure their own safety. Users assume all risk while recreating in State Park lands.

Activities and amenities

Boat Ramp Fishing Hiking Canoeing Restrooms Mountain Biking Picnic Area Playground Snowshoeing Walking Trails Learning Environments Cross Country Skiing

About the Park

At Odiorne Point State Park picnickers can enjoy sweeping views of the ocean and rocky shore, and explorers can uncover evidence of the parks military history. An extensive network of trails wind through the dense vegetation and traverse the park.
Season Passes

The Seacoast Science Center, which is located in the park, has exhibits relating to the natural and human history of Odiorne and the seacoast area. Admission to the Seacoast Science Center is not included with the State Park admission fee. 


603-436-8043 (Science Center)
603-227-8717 (Events/Group Use)
603-227-8722 (Seacoast Office)


The Seacoast Science Center is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization providing educational experiences at Odiorne Point State Park on behalf of New Hampshire State Parks. Seacoast Science Center is open Tuesdays-Sundays (closed Mondays), 10am-4pm


playground at odiorne state park hiking path at odiorne state park
playground at odiorne state park hiking path at odiorne state park

Day Use Reservations at Odiorne Point State Park

Visitors can make a reservation before arriving at the park as parking is limited (especially on nice weekends and holidays). Walk-in spaces are available for visitors on a first come/first-serve basis. Reservations can be made up to 30 days prior to arrival.

Parks Plate & Season Pass: There are desiganted spaces set aside for plate/pass holders on a first-come/first-serve basis. Reservations are still encouraged in the event a park reaches capacity (requiring a $1 transaction fee).

NH Senior Citizens: To receive a discount at our per person fee locations, enter the number of NH Seniors in the vehicle/occupant information section of the order details page, rather than the number of adults.

Are pets allowed at Odiorne Point State Park?

Pets are not permitted in the park. See the NH State Parks Pets Policy for more information.

Group Use Reservations


For information on this parks pavilion rental please visit Pavilions & Group Use page.

Youth Group Day Use

Youth and School Groups must call the park directly at least 2 weeks prior to arrival to make reservations before visiting. The Bus Pass Program is available for NH youth organizations that meet the program criteria (for more information and applications, please visit BUS PASS PROGRAM.)
 Groups that do not meet the qualification for the Bus Pass Program are eligible to receive a discounted rate. For More information, please visit our School & Youth Group Page.


Keep Your Parks Clean

Through the Carry-In/Carry-Out Program, you can help us keep your parks clean and beautiful by carrying out whatever you carry in. Thank you for your cooperation and remember to recycle.

Access for Persons with Disabilities

Visit our Accessibility page. For more information on specific accessibilty needs or questions, please contact the individual park office directly.


Additional Resources

For information about sea life visit the Seacoast Science Center or New England Aquarium 
Blue Ocean Society Discovery Center

Information about Monarch Butterflies
Endangered Piping Plovers

Drone use is restricted at all NH State Parks. Drone operators are not permitted to take off or land within NH State Park boundaries.
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