2010 Celebrates the 75th Anniversary of the Division of Parks and Recreation and the state's dedication to the preservation of state lands. The oldest state park is Miller State Park which was acquired in 1881 and the newest state park being Jericho Mountain State Park added in 2007. In 1935, with 18 parks acquired, the state created the Forestry and Recreation Commission, which replaced the Forestry Commission. This marked the beginning of the Parks and Recreation division.

The New Hampshire Division of Parks and Recreation is comprised of management components that make up the Division's mission in the state.The Division manages 92 properties campgrounds, beaches, natural areas, waysides, historic sites and recreational trails.

State Parks
Includes management of state parks, campgrounds, waysides and natural areas, and historic sites.

Bureau of Trails
Includes management of motorized trails for snowmobiling and ATV use, and non-motorized trails for hiking, biking, cross country skiing, sled dog mushing, and equestrian use. The BOT oversees management of Jericho Mountain State Park.

Cannon Mountain
New Hampshire's only state-owned premiere ski area in beautiful Franconia Notch State Park.

Bureau of Historic Sites
Is responsible for the care, maintenance and administration of the State Historic Sites as well as the historic resources under stewardship of the Department of Resources and Economic Development.

Planning & Development
Oversees new projects around the state within the Division's management area. Currently, these projects include the Gilson Pond Campground, the Connecticut Lakes Headwaters Working Forest Recreation Program, the Temple Mountain Project.