Connecticut Lakes Headwaters Working Forest

Great North Woods Regional Office
Pittsburg, NH 03592
Phone: 603-538-6707

Please note:
The Connecticut Lakes Headwaters working forest Indian stream Gorge Trail, off Indian stream road is closed until further notice for forest management activities. Be cautious when using roads within the working forest as there are several active logging jobs on the road system.

Activities and Amenities

Connecticut Lakes Headwaters Working Forest Recreation Program: The State of New Hampshire, in cooperation with The Forestland Group, provides high quality recreational opportunities that are consistent with a Forest Legacy Easement held by the State of New Hampshire. The property, owned by The Forestland Group, is a working forest and care should be taken on the roads and in the forest.

Updated Gate Status (5/24/21) Road Networks and Closures  

Are pets allowed at Connecticut Lakes Headwaters Working Forest Recreation Program?

Leashed pets are permitted. See the NH State Parks Pets Policy for more information.

Keep Your Parks Clean

Through the Carry-In/Carry-Out Program, you can help us keep your parks clean and beautiful by carrying out whatever you carry in. Thank you for your cooperation and remember to recycle.

Access for Persons with Disabilities

Please contact the park office directly for information regarding disability access needs.
Notice: Drone Use is Restricted
Drone use is restricted at all NH State Parks. Drone operators are not permitted to take off or land within NH State Park boundaries.