Chesterfield Gorge Natural Area

1823 Route 9
Chesterfield, NH 03443
Phone: 603-363-8373

Activities and Amenities

Chesterfield Gorge Natural Area spans 13 acres. It offers great opportunities for hiking as you explore the footpaths along the gorge and enjoy the scenic views.

Chesterfield Gorge Trail Map
Chesterfield Gorge Trail Information

Operating Schedule

The parks visitor center, store and pit toilet are closed, with an opening date to be determined. The parks trails are open. During the off-season the park is typically not staffed and comfort stations are not available. This park is always open for recreation unless closed or restricted by posting

Are pets allowed at Chesterfield Gorge Natural Area?

Pets are permitted in the designated area only. See the NH State Parks Pets Policy for more information.

Keep Your Parks Clean

Through the Carry-In/Carry-Out Program, you can help us keep your parks clean and beautiful by carrying out whatever you carry in. Thank you for your cooperation and remember to recycle.

Access for Persons with Disabilities

Please contact the park office directly for information regarding disability access needs.