Cardigan Mountain State Park

658 Cardigan Mountain Rd
Orange, NH 03741
Phone: 603-227-8745

Activities and Amenities

Cardigan Mountain State Park spans 5,655 acres and is an excellent area for hiking. A mountain road leads to trails on the west slope of Mount Cardigan as well as a trail to the summit. Mount Cardigan's 3,121-foot treeless granite summit affords outstanding views of west central New Hampshire, with a panorama that includes Mount Monadnock and the White Mountains, Camel's Hump in Vermont, and Pleasant Mountain in Maine. Camping is available at AMC's Cardigan Lodge.

NOTICE: The gate at the entrance to Cardigan Mountain is now closed for the season. Please do not park in front of or block the gate.

Operating Schedule

This park is always open for recreation unless closed or restricted by posting. During the off-season the park is typically not staffed and comfort stations are not available.

The off-season poses unique risks inherent when participating in outdoor recreational activities. Please be aware that many State Park areas and trails are not staffed during the off-season, and day-use fees are not collected. Recreationists should possess the necessary knowledge, skill, and equipment to ensure their own safety. Users assume all risk while recreating in State Park lands.

The New Hampshire State Park Experience

Excerpt from New Hampshire State Parks' blog: "My day at Mount Cardigan began at the West Ridge trail-head parking lot. An overhead shelter with picnic tables and nearby restrooms marks the entrance of the West Ridge Trail. Climbing 1,200 vertical feet in one and a half miles, the West Ridge Trail is the most direct route to the summit. Making use of log staircases and wooden bridges the trail snakes up through a classic northern hardwood forest made up of a mix of sugar maple, American beech, and yellow birch trees."  To read about the rest of Daniel's hike check out his blog post "The Cardigan Climb."

For more photos and posts, follow The New Hampshire State Park Experience blog and also join the conversation on Facebook.

Are pets allowed at Cardigan State Park?

Pets are permitted in the park. See the NH State Parks Pets Policy for more information.

Keep Your Parks Clean

Through the Carry-In/Carry-Out Program, you can help us keep your parks clean and beautiful by carrying out whatever you carry in. Thank you for your cooperation and remember to recycle.

Access for Persons with Disabilities

Please contact the park office directly for information regarding disability access needs.
Notice: Drone Use is Restricted
Drone use is restricted at all NH State Park. Drone operators are not permitted to take off or land within NH State Park boundaries.