Sugar River Recreational Rail Trail

Activities and Amenities

This 9 mile trail begins at the Newport Recreation Department on Belknap Ave in Newport and ends at Washington Street in Claremont.  The trail boasts two historic covered bridges and meanders along the Sugar River.

Sugar River Recreational Rail Trail Map  

Sugar River is the Rail to Trail Conservancy's 'Trail of the Month'

Parking Areas

Newport: Parking is located next to the Newport Recreational Department. From the center of Newport, head ¼ mile north on Route 10 and turn left onto Belknap Avenue. Parking is located 1/10 of a mile from this turn. Parking is also located at the western terminus of the trail on Routes 11 and 103.

Organizations that work in with the Bureau of Trails to help maintain this trail are:

Crescent Lake Regional Sno-Riders Shugah Valley Snow Riders, Inc.