Ashuelot Recreational Rail Trail

Activities and Amenities

This 21 mile trail runs form Keene to Winchester

Parking Areas

Keene: North end of trail parking is at end of Krif Rd in Keene (42.914752, -72.285737). Trail continues north into downtown Keene with big bridge over highway.

Hinsdale: South end of trail parking is on Rt 63 in Hinsdale (42.758734, -72.471312). This is a large dirt lot that access both the Fort Hill RT and Ashuelot RT. 

The New Hampshire State Park Experience Blog

Over the River was written one stormy April day around 1860 by Nancy Priest Wakefield who was a young woman who worked in a factory along the Ashuelot River in Southern New Hampshire. As I took my family on this journey to explore a portion of the river, I thought about Nancy’s experiences as a mill worker and how timeless this pristine part of New Hampshire continues to be. To read more about my experience on our blog: Ashuelot River Inspiration



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Organizations that work with the Bureau of Trails to help maintain this trail are: