White Island Historic Site

Latitude: 42.96723, Longitude: -70.62338
Rye, NH 03870
Phone: 603-271-3556

Activities and Amenities

The first lighthouse at the Isles of Shoals was erected on White Island in 1820. It was made out of stone and wood shingles. The White Island Lighthouse Station is one of New England's great historic landmarks. This shining tower protected northeastern mariners from crashing into its rocky shores. It is also New Hampshire's only offshore lighthouse.

The tower was rebuilt in 1859 by the United States government to help fortify the seacoast. This is the tower that remains today on White Island. It is built from bricks and stone and stands 85 feet above mean high water. In 1993, White Island and a couple other islands in the group were transferred to the New Hampshire State Parks system and is now managed by the Bureau of Historic Sites.

Walkway Restoration Project

A triangular wooden walkway connected the keeper’s cottage to the lighthouse from 1850 until 2007 when a wave washed it away in a storm. Thanks to a combination of federal and state funding, the $200,000 project to replace it was completed in 2013. A construction team of six from Thurston Millworks in Concord, N.H., lived out on White Island for just over a month. Jeff Thurston and his crew pre-cut the materials in their shop and brought them to Riverside & Pickering Marine Contractors, who ferried the supplies to waters just off the island. A helicopter was used to complete their transport to the construction site.

Operating Schedule

Currently Closed - 2023 Operating Schedule TBD

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During the open season, the park is unstaffed and there is no dock or safe landing area.  Special arrangements need to be made prior to visiting.

Are pets allowed at White Island State Historic Site?

Pets are not permitted in the park. See the NH State Parks Pets Policy for more information.

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