Pay a Parking Citation parking is located throughout the coast along Route 1A from Hampton to Rye. Most spots are managed by multi-space pay stations with the exception of North Beach where there is a mixture of traditional coin operated meter heads and the multi-space pay stations. Spots managed by multi-space pay stations require a receipt to be posted on the dashboard of your vehicle. 

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Seacoast Parking Frequently Asked Questions

NOTE: In order to allow for full administrative review of an appeal, appeals MUST be received prior to receiving payment. If payment is received prior to an appeal, an appeal will not be accepted. Once the citation is placed on appeal, the current balance is placed on hold and no additional fees are assessed until a determination is made. If the appeal is denied, an email will be sent to indicate when payment must be received before additional fees are assessed.

New North Beach Parking Regualtions: The following parking regulations have been put into effect by Hampton Police Department for the State's metered spots along the sea wall on Ocean Boulevard from 6th Street to 19th Street:

  • No parking after 10pm
  • No idling vehicles
  • Head-in parking only


Meters are in operation from 8am – midnight seven days a week (including holidays). 


Some parking spots along the coast use traditional parking meters and some use Pay & Display.  Hours of operation are 8 am to midnight, seven days a week (including holidays). 
  • $1.00 per hour from April 1st through April 30th and October 1st through October 31st.
  • $2.00 per hour from May 1st through October 1st

Using the Multi-Space Pay Station

The multi-space pay stations are located at cross walks, near beach entrances, or on the east side of the center lots. Signs indicating to “Pay Meter Here” are posted above the pay station. The pay stations accept cash and coins as well as credit and debit cards (American Express, MasterCard, Visa and Discover). Payment may be made at any pay-station; however the receipt must be placed face-up on the dash of your vehicle.

Pay Station Instructions ($2 minimum for credit cards):
  1. Press the green button
  2. Follow the instructions on the screen.
*The cancel button will cancel your transaction.

Using Coin-Operated Meter Heads:

Spaces with coin-operated meter heads are located at North Beach in Hampton. You can pay the coin-operated meter with quarters or you can pay using a near by pay-station and place your receipt on the dash of your vehicle.

Leased Spaces

There are designated spaces throughout the seacoast that are leased spaces. You cannot pay the meter and park in these spaces. If you park in these spaces, your vehicle will be towed at the owners expense. Please watch for these signs and avoid the leased spaces. 

Parking by the Carload

Parking by the carload is available at Hampton Beach State Park (South Beach area) and Wallis Sands State Park
Fees are:
  • $15.00 per auto
  • $30.00 per RV/empty bus/van
Hours of operation are from 8am - 6pm daily, hours are subject to change without notice.


Parking citations will be issued for the violations listed below:
Warning Citation $0.00 Motorcycle Parking Only $25.00 
Expired Meter $25.00 Length Limit $25.00
No Receipt Displayed $25.00 Parked in Roadway $25.00 
Receipt Face Down/Unreadable  $25.00 Other (See Comment) $25.00 
No Parking Area $25.00 Parked at Fire Plug $50.00
White Line Violation  $25.00  Handicapped Placard Unreadable  $25.00 
Crosswalk  $25.00 Handicapped Space Only $250.00 
Parking - Police Only  $25.00     

Payments must be received for the citation within 15 days to avoid late fees. Payments can be made in person or through the mail.
In Person: Mail: Online:
180 Ocean Blvd
Hampton, NH
State of New Hampshire
Division of Parks and Recreation
PO Box 9602
Manchester, NH  03108-9602
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Late Fees:

Late fees will be assessed on ALL outstanding balances. Payments must be received no later than:
Fee Date Assessed Amount added to outstanding balance
#1 Day 21 $25.00
#2 Day 41 $25.00
#3  Day 61  $25.00

If there is still an outstanding balance after 85 days, your account may be turned over to a collection agency.


If you feel you have received a parking citation in error or have some reason why the citation should be voided, complete our online citation appeal form here. All appeals must be received within 60 days of issue date for consideration. Verbal appeals will not be accepted.

Please note that the reasons listed below are not acceptable grounds for approving an appeal:
  • Just there a short time
  • Parked in the same area and did not receive a ticket before
  • Time constraints (Only a minute late)
  • Did not intend to do it
  • Someone else was using my vehicle
  • Did not see the sign
  • Did not know about the seacoast parking regulations
  • Vehicle was unattended, not parked
  • No one else received a ticket
  • Lack of a valid parking space
  • Lack of a convenient parking space
  • Lack of funds or credit card
  • The fine amount is too high
The appeal will receive an administrative review. You will be notified by mail or email of the determination. If the citation is deemed valid, you will be instructed on the grace period for receiving payment before late fees are assessed. 

For more information, visit Seacoast Parking Frequently Asked Questions.