Seacoast Parking FAQ

Can I Add Time to the Pay & Display Station to Stay Longer?

You can add time at any Pay & Display Station as long as you place your receipt on your dashboard to ensure you do not get a ticket. 

What if I Paid for More Time Than I Need?

The Division of Parks and Recreation does not issue refunds for unused time.

Is There a Size Limit to the Parking Spaces?

Yes. Maximum vehicle length is 20 feet.

Does it Cost More to Park at a Pay & Display Station?

No. Traditional parking meters and the Pay & Display system both charge the same parking fee.

What Should I do if the Pay & Display Station Doesn’t Work?

You can purchase time from any unit.  Meters communicate with parking division employees if there is a problem. A malfunctioning coin or card slot will automatically close, preventing customers from paying if a receipt cannot be issued.  You can also report an issue to Meter Patrol at 603-227-8700.

Can I Use a Disabled Permit in any Metered Parking Spot?

Currently, your disabled permit/placard allows you to park without paying however your placard MUST be hanging to avoid being ticketed.



What if I Park and Don’t Pay?

Those who don’t pay will be ticketed by State Park Patrol. Click here for fine schedule.

Why is my Ticket Payment Being Sent to Massachusetts?

Century Bank, which is located in Medford, Massachusetts, processes all the parking citation payments received for the Division. The division is notified daily of payment receipt. Money is then transferred to the State of New Hampshire Treasury Department. 

Where Can I Pay My Ticket?

Parking citations may be paid in person at 180 Ocean Blvd, Hampton NH 03824, online at or by mail using the envelope provide with the citation. DO NOT SEND CASH.

What Happens if I do Not Pay My Parking Citation?

To avoid late fees, payment MUST be received within 15 days. Late fees are assessed on any outstanding balance. Click here for the fee schedule. If there is still an outstanding balance after 60 days, your account may be sent to collections.