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Beach Rules & Regulations


Not Allowed on the Beach:

  • Alcohol
  • All pets (including, dogs, cats, snakes, ferrets, reptiles, birds etc.). The only exception is Service Animals following ADA guidelines)
  • Glass containers
  • Loud music
  • Grills (charcoal or gas) and open pit flames
  • Inflatable Flotation Devices – including, swimmies, bubbles, boats, etc.
  • Dangerous Games – including, hardball, tackle football, etc.
  • Skim-Boards
  • Fishing from the beach
  • Snorkeling
  • Digging Deep Holes (deeper than one foot)
  • Water Craft landing or launching from the beach including, kayaks

Regulated Activities:

  • Volleyball – allowed in designated areas only.  Along the wall from Post 7-12.

  • Games – games that are deemed safe such as Frisbee or catch with a soft ball.

  • Swimming – all bathers are to be kept at a safe distance from shore depending on tides, water conditions etc.  All bathers are to be kept at chest depth at all times regardless of swimming ability.

  • Boogie-Boards – are allowed depending on the surf/wind conditions.  All boards should also be kept at chest depth.

  • Surfing – Allowed on North Beach within designated area (6th St – 14th St).



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