Annett Wayside Area Temporarily Closed

January 28, 2022 - Annett Wayside Area Temporarily Closed

Red Pine Scale at varying levels was found throughout Annett State Forest in 2021, including at Annett Wayside and off the Fire Lane near the Hubbard Pond dam. Trees are marked for removal in a commercial timber sale which began operations in January 2022.  Harvesting at the Wayside will begin in the week of January 28th.  Access to the Wayside will be closed to the public during operations.

Red Pine Scale is an invasive insect introduced to North America in the1940’s and first seen in NH in 2012. It is one of many destructive exotic insects adversely impacting our pine forests. The Scale is a tiny, wingless, sucking insect that feeds on the thin inner bark of smaller diameter branches in the crowns of living red pine trees. While the insect itself is rather slow moving and immobile during much of its life cycle, it is readily spread by wind, birds and squirrels. Due to its small size and where it feeds on the tree, the insect is not readily seen. The most obvious indicator of an infestation is a distinct, stand-wide “flagging” or discoloration of the lower tree branches which rapidly works its way up the entire crown. Typically by the time this flagging is noted infestation levels are high and mortality occurs in 3-5 years. Due to its exotic nature there are no native predators to keep this insect in check and it has always proved fatal to infested stands.


Since there is no natural control or feasible pesticide control for local infestations, the only method to reduce spread to surrounding forests is to harvest infested trees. To minimize further spread of red pine scale in the state, the New Hampshire Division of Forests and Lands has chosen to initiate sanitation harvests to remove infested red pine. 

For additional information regarding Red Pine Scale or if you have red pine that you suspect may be infected contact the Division of Forests & Lands Forest Health Program at 603- 464-3016.

For additional information regarding the sanitation harvest at Annett State Forest contact the Division of Forests & Lands at 603-464-3453 or