Pisgah Timber Harvest

July 28, 2020

The commercial timber sale which will reopen Old Chesterfield Road, Snow Brook Trail and salvage 18 acres of storm damage (on the Winchester end of Pisgah State Park) began July 20th.  

While plans are to remove the blow down blocking Old Chesterfield Road early in the project, Fullam Pond is still not accessible by vehicle. Old Chesterfield Road remains closed to cars and trucks at the junction of John Hill Road until further notice, and it continues to be closed to ATV’s at the junction of Broad Brook Road.  

The log landing off Snow Brook Trail has been completed salvage of the storm damage has begun.  Working in a blow down area is difficult for the equipment operators.  Snow Brook Trail will remain closed during the salvage.  Do not enter the project area or approach equipment.  Watch here for updates.  For more information on this this project and timber harvesting in State Parks and State Forests, contact Project Forester, Inge Seaboyer at 603-464-3453 or Regional Forester, Scott Rolfe at 603-227-8741.

July 23, 2020

Work has resumed in the southern unit of the Old Swanzey Road timber sale at Pisgah State Park.
A “cut to length” harvester fells, delimbs and cuts the trees to log length.

Red oak seedlings are scattered through the areas where cutting occurred last year.

June 22, 2020

During thunderstorms on May 15, 2020, a sizable area of storm damage occurred on the Winchester end of Pisgah State Park near the junction of Old Chesterfield Road and the Snow Brook Trail.