North Hampton Beach Redevelopment

June 7, 2013

Governor Maggie Hassen, Executive Councilor Sununu, Senator Stiles, Representative Campbell, DRED Commissioner Jeffrey Rose, Parks Director Phil Bryce officially opened the North Hampton Beach Bathhouse. They recognized the collaboration  that it took to make this project happen. 


Additional Resources and Information

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Notes from the North Hampton Redevelopment Project public meeting on 1/25/12  
North Hampton planning meeting notes from 12/21/2011  
Preliminary Sketch of North Hampton State Beach Bathhouse  

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Previous Updates

4/5/13 -  The seawall repair project is wrapping up and paving of the parking lot and sidewalk at the northern end of the parking lot is expected in the next two weeks. The site work around the new bathhouse including installing the landscaping and paving the southern end of the parking lot is expected to begin in May.The exterior work on the building is complete and the focus has turned to the interior of the building. 

2/6/13 - The bathhouse construction continues; the plumbers and electricians are almost done their rough in work and the carpenters have been hard at work installing the trim on the exterior of the building. Exterior siding and interior finishes will begin soon.

The seawall repair contractor, Northern New England Field Services from Stewartstown NH, has almost completed the reconstruction of the wall.  First, the crew disassembled the wall,and carefully numbered each granite block to ensure each one is put back in order. This week has been spent ensuring the base layer of blocks are set well and pouring a concrete strip with embedded rebar between the wall and parking lot to anchor the wall. The wall is expected to be reconstructed in the next several days (weather and tides permitting) then grouting of the joints between the stones will occur. Paving, parking and sidewalk improvements will have to wait until spring.
1/4/13 - The storms the last two weeks have slowed construction down a little bit. The installation of the rough plumbing and stone veneer continues. The electricians are expected next week. Doors & frames will be arriving on site soon and trim and soffit work is ongoing.  

12/20/12 - The new bathhouse is beginning to take shape as the pictures from the last two weeks show. This last week the carpenters were busy making the building weather tight so the plumbers and stone masons can do their work.
12/7/12 - The last several weeks have shown lots of progress on the new building. The contractors are working make the building weather tight so interior work can begin as the weather turns colder.

10/18/12 - The foundations are poured and backfilling will begin soon. The slab for the building is expected to be poured late next week then the framers will follow close behind to begin constructing the new bathhouse.

9/19/12 - The old foundation removal took longer than expected but it finishing up today. Excavation will begin this week and by next week forms for the new foundation will be started.

9/13/12 - Now you see it, now you don't! The bathhouse was demolished on Tuesday and the site excavation team is working to remove an old foundation that was under the building. This foundation is more massive than we expected and will need to be fractured by a ram.  Expect loud pounding and vibration the next few days.

8/31/12 -Phase II of the North Hampton Redevelopment Project will begin after Labor Day. Phase II includes a new bathhouse and site improvements; construction of the bathhouse is expected to be complete by the end of the year with site improvements scheduled to be completed in the spring. Phase I, included the removal of the old septic system and connection to the sewer force main. 

6/22/12 -Due to an unexpected problem, the North Hampton bathhouse will not reopen on Tuesday as planned is expected to reopen by the end of next week! 

6/21/12 -Earlier this week the sewer force main was tapped and the contractor is testing the system to ensure it is working correctly. The site work is almost done, however, with this week's unusually warm temperatures the contractor has asked for a couple of extra days prior to completion of Phase I to allow the asphalt paving to cure. The construction fence will remain in place until Monday June 25th and the bathhouse is expected to open on Tuesday June 26th. The portable toilet will remain in place until we are assured the system is up and running correctly. We apologize for the delay!  

6/13/12 - The settling tanks are installed and the dewatering system will be dismantled this week. The plumbers and electricans are laying piping and conduit to connect the old bathhouse to the new system.  The sewer line is expected to be tapped early next week then the site work will be completed. The contractor is expected to be demobilized at the end of next week and phase I will be wrapped up. 
North Hampton resident parking and designated accessible parking spaces are located at the northern end of the parking lot near the portable toilets.
6/7/12 - The contractor has mobilized on-site and has almost completed assembling the dewatering system. The dewatering system is expected to be activated early Monday morning and it will run continuously for several days and then the settling tanks will be installed and the sewer line tapped.  The next step will be to install system controls and connect the bathhouse to the system.  North Hampton resident parking is located at the northern end of the parking lot near the portable toilets.
5/30/12 - At the town meeting in Hampton this March the voters agreed to allow the Division to discharge to the municipal wastewater treatment plant via the Rye force main. Many thanks to the voters in Hampton to allow this connection!  

5/4/12 - The construction firm D.L. King and Associates of Nashua NH is the selected contractor for the project and will begin construction of the pump station in early June. The existing bathhouse was converted to conventional plumbing systems by staff this winter. Portable toilets will be available at the north end of the parking lot until the pump station is installed.  There will be some long days of work to de-water the site and residents and visitor can expect some noise from the dewatering system. The dewatering system is comprised of two large tractor trailer sized tanks and the pumps will be powered by diesel motors. The parking spaces closest to the bathhouse will not be available for public parking during construction. Phase II of the redevelopment project will resume after Labor Day with the demolition and reconstruction of the new bathhouse!