Greenfield & Monadnock Programs

The 2018 Discover the Power of Parks programs has begun! Interpretive rangers, Claire Adams and Tom Fischer have planned informative and fun programs for you to take advantage of while visiting Greenfield and Monadnock State Parks. All programs are free with paid park admission. No pre-registration is required.

You may also enjoy our Discover Power of Parks blog, posted weekly by our Interpreters this summer.

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Greenfield: Programming Schedule

Day Events
* Meet at the Office
**Meet at the Camper’s Beach
***Meet at the Picnic Beach
All Programs are weather dependent. Adult supervision required on hikes and night programs

Monadnock: Programming Schedule

Day Events
* Is located at the Visitor Center by the White Dot Trailhead
**Will occur along the White Dot Trail

Program Descriptions

Have you ever wondered what lives in the ponds and wetlands of Greenfield State Park? Come find out about those little creatures with Ranger Claire as we search for them in Beaver Pond. Test your identification skills and learn about how these animals help determine how clean and healthy Greenfield’s water is.

“Wetlands: Nature’s Water Filters and Nurseries”
There are many ponds and areas of soggy ground here at Greenfield State Park. Have you ever wondered why they are here and how the water travels around the landscape? And what makes them so important for plants, animals, and people? If you’re curious, then stop by the Picnic Beach with Ranger Claire to learn all about the wonders of wetlands. *We will be doing some activities that involve water, so come prepared to get a little wet.

“Glaciers, Berries, and Bogs, Oh my!”
Greenfield State Park is home to a unique ecosystem of this region of New Hampshire: a bog. While named Hogback Pond, it is home to many plants and animals that are almost exclusively found in bogs. Many of those plants are edible to humans, including berries and the leaves, roots, and bark of trees. Come explore this special place as we learn about its history and identify its wild edible plants on a hike with Ranger Claire.

“Nighttime Creature Powers”
Even though most people go wildlife viewing during the day, there are many amazing animals that are out-and-about after the sun goes down. In order to survive well in low light, these animals have adapted some unique but helpful behaviors. Come meet at the Office for a night hike with Ranger Claire. We’ll be on the lookout for these animals on the hike, so leave your flashlight at your campsite!

“Naturally Curious”
Have you ever been on a hike and wondered what the names of the trees all around you were? Come learn how to identify some common New Hampshire trees as you create a nature journal with Ranger Claire. Nature journaling is a useful way to keep track of what you are observing in the great outdoors. You can use it on a hike here at Greenfield, out in the wilderness, and even in your own backyard.

“Leaving No Trace”
You may recognize the phrase “Leave No Trace” when referring to wilderness or backcountry camping. But how do those principles relate to the campground at Greenfield State Park or even your own backyard? There are several simple actions you can do at your campsite to have a positive effect on Greenfield’s environment. To learn how, stop by the dumpster/shower house on Sunday morning to visit Ranger Claire before heading home.

“The Power of Pollination”
Summer is the time to enjoy a wide array of beautiful wildflowers, and Greenfield State Park is home to many. But did you know that those flowers would not be here for us to enjoy if it weren’t for the animals that feed off of them? Come take a short wildflower walk to learn about the dependent relationship between these amazing animals and the beautiful blossoms with Ranger Claire. But since you can’t take the flowers home with you, take a little time to make some original artwork of your favorite wildflower on the walk!