Umbagog Lake Programs

The 2018 Discover the Power of Parks program year has begun. Interpretive ranger, Brianna Bishop is planning informative and fun programs for you to take advantage of while visiting Umbagog Lake State Park. All programs are free with paid park admission. No pre-registration is required.

You may also enjoy our Discover Power of Parks blog, posted weekly by our Interpreters this summer.

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Park Programming Schedule

July 4
1-3pm  Fun in Nature
5-6pm  Celebrating the American Bald Eagle
July 5
11am-12pm  Reading the Sky: Day
1-3pm  Umbagog Bingo
8-9pm Wild Nightlife at Umbagog
July 6
9:30-10:30am  Nature Yoga
4-5pm  Name that Tree!
9-10pm  Mysterious Moths
July 7
9:30-10:30am  Phone Photography Series: Basics 101
4-5pm  Looney for Loons
9-10pm  Reading the Sky: Night
July 12
1-3pm  Investigative Rangers
4-5pm  Name that Tree!
July 13
1-3pm Sustainable Camping
4-5pm  Looney for Loons
9-10pm   Mysterious Moths
July 14
9:30-10:30am Phone Photography Series: Macro
2-3pm  Explore Umbagog: Boat Tour
8-9pm  Wildlife at Umbagog
July 18
3-4pm  Name that Tree!
5-6pm  Reading the Sky: Day
July 19
1-3pm  Investigative Rangers
9-10pm  Mysterious Moths
July 20
1-3pm Sustainable Camping
8-9pm  Wild Nightlife at Umbagog
July 21
9-10am  Phone Photography Series: Basics 101
5-6pm  Looney for Loons
7:30-8:30pm Phone Photography Series: Sunset
July 22
9-10am  Nature Yoga
July 25
3-4pm Name that Tree!
5-6pm Reading the Sky: Day
July 26
1-3pm Investigative Rangers
9-10pm Mysterious Moths
July 27
1-3pm Sustainable Camping
5-6pm Full Moon- Lunar Eclipse
8-9pm  Wild Nightlife at Umbagog
July 28
9-10am Phone Photography Series: Basics 101
5-6pm  Looney for Loons
9-10pm  Reading the Sky: Night
July 29
9-10am  Nature Yoga

Program Descriptions

Nature Yoga
Take time to unwind, breathe, and just listen. This beginner yoga class will consist of a few simple poses that mimic nature accompanied by some nature facts! Please wear comfortable clothing. A yoga mat or towel is not required, but recommended.

Fun in Nature!
Join Interpretive Ranger Bri for an afternoon full of nature games and crafts!

Celebrating the American Bald Eagle
Learn about the symbol of North America and its presence at Umbagog Lake.

Reading the Sky: Day
Take cloud watching to the next level and learn how to read the sky.

Umbagog Bingo

Test your Umbagog knowledge! Complete the board and earn a special prize!

Wild Nightlife at Umbagog

Bats, owls, and moths oh my! The night sky is teeming with life. Come to this program to learn about the wildlife of the night.

Name that Tree!

Experience the diversity of trees at Umbagog and learn how to identify them by name!

Mysterious Moths

Not every moth has to be a mystery… Join Ranger Bri at the park office after dark to investigate a few of the thousands of species of moths native to New Hampshire.

Phone Photography Series: Basics 101
A picture says a thousand words, does yours? Learn how to capture beautiful moments with the camera that is at your fingertips.

Investigative Rangers

Calling all Investigative Rangers! Ranger Bri needs YOU to help her solve some wildlife mysteries.

Looney for Loons
What’s the deal with loons? Come learn about this intriguing animal and their importance at Umbagog Lake.

Reading the Sky: Night

The night sky has a story to tell. Read the stars, constellations, and learn about their meanings.

Sustainable Camping
Learn about the four R’s, Leave No Trace Principles, and how to be the best camper you can be!

Phone Photography Series: Macro
Build off of the basics and learn a new technique: macro photography. No fancy cameras required, only a smart phone!

Explore Umbagog: Boat Tour

Umbagog Lake is as rich in history as it is in flora and fauna. Experience the hidden gems of the lake on this boat tour.

Phone Photography Series: Sunset

Learn tips on how to capture the spectacular sunsets at Umbagog Lake with your cell phone camera.

Full Moon – Lunar Eclipse
Gather around the fire pit across from the office for a special full moon program!

Distinct Landmarks on Lake Umbagog

Our Discover Power of Parks interpreter created this flyer highlighting a few distinct landmarks on the lake for visitors to use while exploring Umbagog. The flyer also provides a bit of history about the area. Print it out and bring it with you to add some adventure to your next visit.

Umbagog Lake Distinct Landmarks Flyer