Southern Rover Programs

The 2018 Discover the Power of Parks program year is has begun! Interpretive ranger, Bethany Bryant have planned informative and fun programs for you to take advantage of while visiting some of our Southern Area State Parks. Parks include Seacoast State Parks, Kingston State Park, Clough State Park, Silver Lake State Park and Bear Brook State Park. All programs are free with paid park admission. No pre-registration is required.

You may also enjoy our Discover Power of Parks blog, posted weekly by our Interpreters this summer.

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Park Programming Schedules

South Hampton Beach State Park

June 20
11am-1:30pm Shorebirds Galore
1:30-3pm What's in a Watershed?
June 27
11am-1:30pm LNT at the Beach
1:30-3pm Where has the Beach Gone?
No programs on 7/12

Wallis Sands State Beach

June 21
10:30am-12:30pm Shorebirds Galore
1-3pm What's in a Watershed?
June 28
10:30am-12:30pm Secrets of Shoals
1-3pm Where has the Beach Gone?
No programs on 7/13

Pillsbury State Park

June 22
2pm Wildlife Fur-ensics
8pm Loon Lake
June 23
10am Nature Walk & Talk
June 29
2pm Mighty Macros
8pm Night Sounds
June 30
9am Morning Chorus

Kingston State Park

June 24
2pm Wildlife Fur-ensics
July 1
2pm Mighty Macros

Silver Lake State Park

July 16
11am-12:30pm  Ponding
1:30-3pm  Tree ID Hikes
July 23  11am-12:30pm  Ponding
1:30-3pm  Fur, Glorious Fur!
July 30  11am-12:30pm  Tree ID Hikes
1:30-3pm  Leave No Trace

Program Descriptions

Shorebirds Galore
What is that bird flying over the coast? Join us to learn about gulls, terns, eider ducks and other feathered friends that live along New Hampshire’s coast.
What’s in a Watershed?
When water falls to Earth, it doesn’t evaporate right away. Discover how water moves through the landscape and what you can do to protect our waterways.

Wildlife Fur-ensics
Who dun it? Put your wildlife sleuthing skills to the test to see which NH critter committed the crime!
Loon Lake (Reading)
Bring the kids for a bedtime story about common loons and bring your questions about these iconic birds.

Nature Walk & Talk
Come learn about all that Pillsbury State Park has to offer
Where’s the beach gone?
You’re not imagining it: the sands look smaller. In this program, we’ll discuss erosion and the impact of recent storms on NH’s coastline.
Night Sounds
What’s that wild sound in the dark woods? There’s nothing to fear! Come learn about the creatures of the night and how they communicate.

Morning Chorus
Come listen to the dawn chorus and learn about the birds that sing every morning.
Mighty Macros
Explore the tiny (but not invisible!) critters that live in NHs lakes and learn what secrets they hold.