Franconia Notch Programs

The 2018 Discover the Power of Parks program have begun. Interpretive rangers, Haley Lesmerises has planned informative and fun programs for you to take advantage of while visiting Franconia Notch State Park. All programs are free with paid park admission. No pre-registration is required. Visit the Franconia Notch office or call 603-745-8391 for more information on upcoming programs.

You may also enjoy our Discover Power of Parks blog, posted weekly by our Interpreters this summer.

Park Programming Schedule

June 20
9-11am Leave No Trace #1
4-5pm Snakes of NH #5
June 21

9-11am Busy Wings & Pedals #5
2:30-4pm Furbearers of NH #3
June 22
9-11am Snakes of NH #6
2:30-4pm No Time to Waste #3
9-10pm Stargazing #1
June 23
9:30-10:30am Ethno Botany Hike #5
3-4:30pm Invasive Species #3
8:30-9:30pm Campfire Stories #2
June 24
9-11am Just in Case #1
4-5:30pm No Time to Waste #3
June 25
9-11am Glaciers: Moves and Shapers #1
4-6pm Busy Wings & Petals #5
June 26
9-11am Leave No Trace #1
4-5pm Invasive Species #6
June 27
9-11am Furbearers of NH #1
4-5pm NH Bird ID #4
June 28
9-11am Snakes of NH #5
12:30-2pm Artists of Franconia #4
June 29
9-11am Just in Case #7
3-4:30pm Invasive Species #3
8:30-9:30pm Campfire Stories #2
June 30
9:30-11am NH Bird ID #4
3-4:30pm No Time to Waste #3
9-10pm Stargazing #1
#1. Hiker Cabin
#2. Campground Amp.
#3. Campground Store
#4. Profile Lake
#5. Basin
#6. Flume

Program Descriptions

Artists of Franconia
Many artists have found inspiration in the beauty of Franconia. Could you be next? Join us at scenic points around the park and try your hand at the arts, basic art supplies are provided but feel free to bring your own.

Busy Wings & Petals
Come learn about our wildflowers and the wonderful creatures that pollinate them. Flower crafts, anatomy, and pollinator matching.

Campfire Stories
Come end the day around the campfire with some folklore, myths, and legends.

Ethno Botany Hike
A short hike that will focus on identifying plants that held cultural, medical, or agricultural significance to past and current peoples of New Hampshire.

Fur Bearers of New Hampshire
Ever wanted to have a more hands on wildlife experience? Come learn about some of NH’s furry residents! Examine pelts and tracks of some of NH’s furbearers with Ranger Haley!

Glaciers: Movers and Shapers
Did you know this whole valley was once covered in ice? Come learn about the things that shaper the Notch: glaciers, erosion, and Us!

Invasive Species
It’s important to keep our forests healthy and to do that we need to do our best to keep out invasive pests. Come learn about invasive insects and how we can all help keep those little buggers out!

Just In Case
Weather you are a seasoned backpacker or this is your first time, New Hampshire Parks wants you to hike safe. Come test your skills, learn some tips, and hear some stories about Search and Rescue.

Leave No Trace
We all want to enjoy the beauty of Franconia Notch. Come learn the principles of Leave No Trace to discover how we can all keep our footprints small.

New Hampshire Bird ID
Come learn about the bird species of the White Mountains with Ranger Haley and how to ID them by yourself!

No Time to Waste
Can I recycle a plastic bag? Are glass bottles better for the environment than cans? Bring your waste related questions to Ranger Kate and learn how you can make a positive impact by reducing our waste!

Snakes of New Hampshire
Our slithery friends are important to the ecosystem too! Come learn about the snakes of NH including the endangered Timber Rattlesnake with Ranger Haley!

Come and listen to some of the tales behind the constellations, or spend a relaxing evening simply gazing at the beautiful star-lit sky.