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OPEN but CLOSED section as of March 21, 2024. Due to high water, the Rockingham Recreational Rail Trail – Fremont Branch is closed to all users from the Fremont Parking off Rt 107 in Fremont southwest towards N. Danville Road in Sandown. Non-motorized users can still park at the Fremont parking and head northeast on the trail towards Epping. All users (including OHRVs) can park at the Warner Hill Road Parking and access the trail headed north as well as south. Please do not attempt to cross-use the trail through the water and do not go off trail to bypass the water. Please turn around when you reach the closed sections. Our staff is working to address the issue, Thank you for your patience.



Activities and Amenities


This 18 mile multi-use trail is one of the most popular rail trails in Southern NH.  It begins at Depot Road in Windham and ends just before Route 125 in Epping.  Summer OHRV use is only from Route 28 in Derry to Route 107 in Fremont.  The trail is easily accessible and passes through beautiful wetlands and quiet forest.  The trail is anchored by two renovated historic Depots; one in Sandown and one in Windham.  There is an additional Depot in Fremont on Route 107.

Rockingham Recreational Rail Trail Map (Fremont Branch, Winter OHRV Permitted, Epping to Fremont)  

Rockingham Recreational Rail Trail Map (Fremont Branch, OHRV Permitted, Rt. 28 Derry to Rt. 107 Fremont)  

Parking Areas

Fremont: Parking is also available in Fremont, at the ballpark, off Route 107 (near intersection of Routes 107 & 111A). Across from the old Depot & Library.

Derry: Take Route 28 to Island Pond Road, left onto Warner Hill Road; parking is on the north side of the trail.

Organizations that work in with the Bureau of Trails to help maintain this trail are:

Derry Pathfinders Snowmobile Club

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