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summer day swimming at Clough State Park summer day swimming at Clough State Park

Clough State Park

Keeping Your Planet in Mind with Your Group


Celebrating 88 years of preserving state land, NH State Parks are some of the best places for eco-traveling adventurers.

New Hampshire ranks second for lowest air pollution in the United States, making our jobs of displaying its unfiltered beauty in every season easy. For folks new to eco-friendly travel or just looking for sustainable ways to enjoy state parks, NH State Parks presents a list of eco-friendly trips and activities throughout the state. While visiting any of our 93 parks, it’s a good idea to practice the 7 principles of Leave No Trace, to help the Parks Division protect our lands for generations of future visitors.
As a loose guideline, finding a new point of view from busier, commonly-known areas, is often a more eco-friendly option for trip takers and recreators. All of the parks mentioned below are less visited parks with the best options for eco-friendly activities.
clough state park pavilion clough state park pavilion
clough state park beach clough state park beach
swimming at clough state park swimming at clough state park
picnicing at clough state park picnicing at clough state park

Trying to coordinate a trip with a big group?

A handful of state parks offer group reservations and pavilion rentals for an energy-efficient, cost-efficient event. Clough State Park in Weare is a great location for getting your whole group together, with a beach, playfield, covered picnic pavilion and a park store that rents boats, paddleboards and floats. If your day includes a celebration, check out these tips: How to Host an Eco-Friendly Party. 
With so much to do in every park, eco-travelers can find new points of view in every state park without sacrificing our duties to be stewards of our planet.

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