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The NH Bureau of Trails was established under Chapter 215-A: Off Highway Recreational Vehicles and Trails. Its purpose is to work with NH Fish & Game, NH Department of Transportation, NH Forests & Lands, local clubs, municipalities, and landowners to develop and maintain safe, public OHRV and snowmobile trails within the State, while studying the environmental and economic impacts related to both recreational sports.

New Hampshire’s OHRV laws are enforced by NH Fish & Game and all other law enforcement agents in the state.


Wetlands Warning

Riding in wetlands is against the law! Violators can be fined up to $10,000 and may be required to restore damages that result from such action (RSAs 482-A and 485-A). Stay on the trail – do not ride off through wet areas.

Suspended Driver’s License Warning

It is unlawful to operate an OHRV or snowmobile while your driver’s license is under suspension or revocation in any state or Canadian province (RSAs 215-A:29, XIX(a) and 215-C:49, XXI(a). 

Registering Your OHRVAll OHRVs must be registered with the NH Fish & Game if operated off of the owner’s property. A registration is a privilege to ride off of your own property on approved trails or on another’s property with their written permission. There are no additional trail user fees in NH.

Individuals may register in person at any one of the Registration Agents located throughout the State, or at NH Fish & Game headquarters in Concord (in person, or through the mail).

Registration Fees

Your OHRV Registration Fees at Work
New Hampshire is nationally recognized for its wealth of wide, well-maintained trails.

The Bureau, local clubs, and NH Fish & Game all work together to encourage club membership, provide Safety Education, and enforce OHRV laws, all of which help to provide riders with a safe and enjoyable riding experience. All of this is done utilizing the fees from riders’ registrations.

Maintaining the Trails - Most registration fees are returned to local clubs to help pay for trail maintenance through the Grant-in-Aid program run by the N.H. Bureau of Trails. This program is used for summer construction, including supplies such as bridge materials and allows the Bureau of Trails to provide funding to maintain existing equipment and help replace worn-out equipment.

A Safer Ride - Registration fees also pay for OHRV Safety Education and Enforcement, coordinated by N.H. Fish and Game. Our safe trails help promote snowmobiling as a family friendly winter recreational opportunity. To find a class, visit the NH Fish and Game's OHRV and snowmobile information web page.
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