Jericho Mountain State Park Lottery

The lottery is now closed. You should receive a phone call, letter or email. Reservations can be seen in your ReserveAmerica account after November 23rd.

We will be holding a campsite lottery at Jericho Mountain State Park for the 2023 “Journey to Jericho” ATV Jamboree. This lottery will include all of the cabins and campsites from August 3rd- 5th and will ensure a  greater opportunity for campers to experience this popular event.


A lottery system provides a fair distribution process and ensures equal access to the recreation facility. Many of these opportunities are in such high demand that access is limited to prevent damage to the natural landscape, as well as to preserve the visitor experience.
Lottery Dates
Lottery Opens September 19, 2022
Lottery Closes November 15, 2022
Results Available November 23, 2022

To apply, go to:


There is a non-refundable application fee of $5 per application. NH State Parks chooses applications at random and while we allow for multiple application entries per customer, each household will only win once. Lottery applications will be accepted until 8 p.m. Eastern Time on November 15th.

Lottery applications can also be submitted through our Reserve America Call Center at 1-877-647-2757. The call center will permit only one application per call. We do not allow multiple people to submit more than one application on the same call. Each person must call individually. Any person wishing to submit multiple applications at once should visit
Changes may be made to your application after it is submitted via or via call center at 1-877-647-2757