The Laws and Regulations that control how and where to use your ATV/Trail Bike are very important for you to be aware of and to follow. Knowing and following the laws can make the difference between having places to ride and not.

OHRV laws are established for your protection, as well as everyone else's. By controlling less responsible riders, the laws and regulations allow others to enjoy the sport. These very same laws also help protect the land you ride on and the folks who own it.

Below are links to the specific laws, which address OHRVs, landowners' Duty of Care, Wetlands and the Administrative Rules, which govern trails on Public Lands, under the management of the Department of Resources and Economic Development.

For digested versions of the OHRV laws, contact NH Fish & Game, Law Enforcement Division at . Wetlands information is available from the NH Department of Environmental Services, Wetlands Bureau at


All OHRV's must be registered if operated off the owner's property. There are no trail user fees in New Hampshire. 

Registrations may be purchased by mail from Fish and Game Department Headquarters in Concord or in person at any one of 200 Registration Agents located statewide.