COVID-19 Additional Information

Proposed Plan to Reopen Parks

On April 21, 2020, NH Governor Chris Sununu announced the formation of an Economic Re-opening Task Force to develop proposals for safely reopening the state for business.

A draft proposal to open state parks, campgrounds, historic sites, trails and beaches was presented to the Task Force on April 27, 2020 by NH Division of Parks and Recreation. The proposal outlined under what conditions park sites and facilities could open in the future while ensuring the protection, health and safety of the public and the parks staff. Beaches, other sites and facilities will remain closed until the Governor finalizes the guidance documents and determines appropriate timing of such action, when they should open and under what conditions.

Links to draft proposal and the presentation to the Task Force are available below:

Campground Operating Procedures

These procedures for opening and operating campgrounds during the COVID-19 pandemic are based upon the COVID-19 response guidelines from the CDC and DHHS to reduce or eliminate risk to visitors and staff.
  • Stay Home If Not Feeling Well
  • Maintain Social Distancing
  • Maintain Clean Surfaces
  • Washing Hands
  • PPE’s
  • Communication/Messaging
  • Enforcement
  • Guidelines & Procedures
Stay at Home 2.0" is  the next step of a phased approach to opening the state for business. Included was the opening of State Park and private campgrounds.

We normally start preparing our campgrounds early in the spring.  We have not been able to conduct this work because of the COVID-19 pandemic.  In the coming weeks, we will be preparing our campgrounds to open at normal capacity and hiring staff to operate the campgrounds.

We ask that you please be patient.  We want to get up and running as quickly as possible but need to make sure we do so safely.

To find current status of an existing reservation call Reserve America at 1-877-647-2757 or log in to your reserve America account and select my account and reservations. This will give you the status of your reservation.

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Stay Home If Not Feeling Well

Reservation Cancelation: Campers should cancel their reservation prior to or during their stay if they or a member of their family/party are not feeling well.
  • Do not show up if you are symptomatic, or have been symptomatic within 10 days before arrival.
  • Do not show up if you have been caring for or living with someone who has been sick.
  • If you or a member of your party appear sick we reserve the right to ask you to return home
  • Parks will refund the entire amount of their stay and not charge the $15.00 fee for cancellations within 5 day or less for cancellation due to potential illness.
  • Outside visitors are not permitted.  Anyone who is not a registered camper will be prohibited from entering the campground.
  • All individuals on the campsite must be included on the reservation.

Maintain Social Distancing

Administration office: closed to public.
  • No contact with staff to check in. Reservations only.  No walk-ins.
  • Campers will self-check-in the via Reserve America App at the campground
    • The RA App will not allow check-in unless they are at the campground and have location services turned on.
    • One router will be available for access outside the campground office to provide a WIFI connection.
  • For guests without smart phones, staff will drive through campground to verify that the campers are on site.  Staff will enter in the system at the office.
  • Restrooms will be open in accordance to CDC Guidance for parks and recreation states that restrooms should be open if park remains open for public visitation.
  • All restrooms (both men’s and women’s sides) will be converted to family bathrooms where only one person or family group will use the bathroom at a time.
    • A lock (deadbolt) will be put on the door to be locked when family members enter.
    • Lock will be keyed or combination on the outside to allow emergency entry by staff like existing family bathrooms.
    • Establish an occupied signage system.
  • Restrooms will be supplemented by a limited number of portable toilets at or near the restroom. (Rule of thumb is one portable per 8-10 people)
    • Example: Pawtuckaway has three bathhouses on Horse Island serving 80 campsites.  Determined that at least one additional portable toilet is needed for half the campsites if the campground is full.
    • See total park listing for numbers of pit portable toilets by park
  • Marking will be placed at the entrance to the bathrooms, pit toilets and portable toilets at the 6 ft.+ distance
  • All group sites will be closed.
  • The number campsites will be limited based upon the capacity of family style restrooms.  
    • Camping will be limited to 50 % of the campsites or every other campsite.  
    • Refer to NH State Parks campground list below for individual park status
  • Due to the status of the seacoast, Hampton Beach RV Park would remain closed until businesses open up.  Ellacoya RV Park would open starting with every other site.
  • Stores are closed: Curbside pick-up at designated location or delivery to campsite.  Campers will call the park office and staff will take orders over the phone via a credit card. Campers will come pick up their order in a curbside. Will offer a limited number of retail products:
    • Firewood
    • Ice
    • Insect repellant
    • Charcoal/Lighter Fluid
    • S’more’s Kits
    • Fire Starters
    • Flashlights
    • Baja Blankets
    • Mystical Fire
    • Propane
    • Matches/Lighters
Other recreational facilities:
  • Hiking trails will open.
  • Any ball fields/open fields will be open
  • Beach Issues: determining beach availability on a park by park basis if inland beaches are allowed to be opened:
    • For many campgrounds, the beaches are the primary reason many campers are at the park (like White Lake).  These beaches are also open to day use with the exception of Greenfield, which has a separate camper beach.
    • Hampton Beach remains closed to all, including campers, per Governor’s order.
    • The capacity of each beach needs to be determined under social distancing guidelines to prevent crowding.
    • Note: How do we allow beach use for both campers and day use and provide for social distancing (July 12, 2019 1300 day use guests and 1,049 campers).  Camper only beach use would not allow the local community to use the park where the beach is the primary attraction.
    • Option 1:  Allow beach use for campers only.  Do not open up to day use.
    • Option 2: Both camping and day use of beach is through a reservation.  Campers use a promo code for 100% of day use fee when getting beach ticket.  Issue if campers reserve all the tickets.   
  • If beaches are available:
    • Limit and spread out picnic tables (will need to be cleaned)
    • Transitory movement only on the beach – walk, jog, and swimming.  No sunbathing or group activities.  No chairs, sunbathing towels, coolers, or grills, or umbrellas on beach.
    • Swim at your own risk.  No lifeguards on duty on inland beaches to limit staff interaction with public.  This would mean the park is relying on local emergency response.
    • Restrooms will be closed.  If restroom facilities are open, social distancing cannot be maintained easily and the family bathroom concept used in campgrounds will not work.  Portable toilets are an option.      

Maintain Clean Surfaces

In general, the number of surfaces that need to be cleaned will be reduced to the amount necessary to provide a reasonable camping experience. This reduces the total surfaces that need to be maintained and allows staff to spend more time on restrooms.
  • Cabins, lean-to’s and yurts are closed
  • Playgrounds will remain closed
  • Showers will be closed at this time until we confirm that restrooms are adequately covered.     
  • Laundry rooms are closed at this time.
  • Pavilions will be closed (picnic tables overturned or removed)
  • Boat rentals are on hold due to staffing limitations and while procedures are cleaning are developed.  
  • All other indoor facilities will remain closed (activity rooms, museums, etc.)
  • Pot washing stations will be open and cleaned on same frequency as bathrooms. Otherwise, all the grey water waste will be disposed of at the campsite or water spigots.  
  • Bleach disinfectant at 1/3 bleach per gallon  or CDC approved equivalent product
  • Restrooms, pit toilets, and portable toilet all surfaces will be cleaned a minimum of twice a day in accordance with DNCR Parks Guidelines (will be sent separately) CDC says daily or more often if possible. (we request standards from DHHS for numbers of people/amount of use  vs. number of times cleaned if this can be determined)
  • Cleaned with disinfectant after each party:
    • Picnic table
    • Fire pit grate handles  
    • RV full hook ups – all surfaces that are handled by camper
  • Water spigots:
    • Disinfected at the same frequency as restrooms using the DNCR Park Guidelines Picnic tables in general use areas – TBD if available

Washing Hands

  • Communication on website, at time of reservation, pre-arrival reminder and at campground through signage.
  • CDC recommends encourages visitors to bring their own hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipe for use in pit toilets and portable toilets.


  • For visitors CDC recommends a facemask in public settings where other social distancing cannot be maintained.  This would apply at the bathrooms and inland beaches (if open).
  • Staff will be issued, depending upon their function, latex/non-latex gloves, medical gloves, safety glasses, goggles, face shields, disposable aprons, Tyvek suits, cloth masks, procedure masks, and N-95 masks.  Functions include toll booth, parking, bathroom cleaning, visitor services, trash collection, facility maintenance, and mountain patrol/rescue. The DNCR Parks PPE Guidelines would apply.


  • General COVID-19 and Hike Safe messaging on website, social media and through signage.
  • Family groups will be encouraged to use the restrooms together to increase capacity, particularly at busy times of day.    
  • Quarantined wood still in place
  • Signage:
    • COVID-19 Social Distancing
    • Reminder signage at each campground regarding camping policies and procedures, phone numbers, retail etc.  
    • Tips for social distances while hiking
    • Playground closed


  • Staff will be identified in accordance with uniform policy.
  • Administrative Rules:
    • Res 7301.03 Authority of DRED Personnel.  Persons shall obey all requests made by authorized DRED personnel in matters of public interest, public health and safety, or resources protection.
    • Res 7301.30 Reckless Conduct.  (a)  No person shall act in a manner which might cause or contribute to self-injury or to the injury of others, or act in a manner that creates a situation which requires or might require assistance for themselves or others.


Campground List

Campgrounds Sites Bathrooms
(flush toilet)
Pit Toilets
Bear Brook 100 3  
Cannon 7 1  
Coleman 25 1 2
Deer Mountain 25   4
Dry River 38 1 4
Ellacoya 38 1  
Greenfield 257 10  
Hampton Beach 28 1  
Jericho Mountain 20 2 3
Lafayette Place 97 4  
Lake Francis 47 3  
Milan Hill 10   6
Mollidgewock 45   4
Monadnock 40 1 4
Moose Brook 59 2 4
Mount Sunapee 11   8
Pawtuckaway 193 10 4
Pillsbury 41   8
Umbagog 71 1 2
White Lake 202 5 1