The New Hampshire Division of Parks and Recreation is one of five divisions of the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources. The other divisions include:

About NH Parks and Recreation

The State Forestry Commission was established in 1893. By then the state had already acquired what was to become its first state park property, Miller State Park in Peterborough, New Hampshire. Early on the Commission recognized and promoted the importance of forests as multiple-use areas valued for their sawlogs but also for their recreational uses.

The state quickly acquired properties as state parks. In 1961 and 1985, the legislature clearly and appropriately defined the purposes of the State Park System codified as RSA 216-A:1. They are, in order of priority:

  • To protect and preserve unusual scenic, scientific, historical, recreational, and natural areas within the state;
  • To continually provide such additional park areas and facilities as may be necessary to meet the recreational needs of the citizens of all regions of the state;
  • To make these areas accessible to the public for recreational, education, scientific, and other uses consistent with their protection and preservation; and
  • To encourage and support tourism and related economic activity within the state.
The Division of Parks and Recreation's, Administrative Rules.

In 2010 the Division released their Ten-Year Stratetic Development and Capital Improvement Plan.

Division's Ten-Year Strategic Development and Capital Improvement Plan
Appendix 1 - Senate Bill 5 Legislation & Report
Appendix 2 - Senate Bill 74
Appendix 3 - Audit Report & Response
Appendix 4 - RSA 216-A:3-c
Appendix 5 -  July 2008 Public Outreach Sessions Summary
Appendix 6 - April 2009 Stakeholder Sessions
Appendix 7 - June 2009 Public Response Summary
Appendix 8 - December 2009 Public Information Sessions and Public Comment
Appendix 9 - RKM 2009 NH State Park Survey Results
Appendix 10 - NorthMark Group 2006 Survey Results
Appendix 11 - Regional Demographics (Applied Economic Research)
Appendix 12 - Park "Friends Groups" and Affiliates 
Appendix 13 - Division Fee Schedule and Discounts
Appendix 14 - AER Economic Impact Report
Appendix 15 - NH State Park History
Appendix 16 - FY09 Division Income and Expense Presentation
Appendix 17 - Statutes Governing State Parks
Appendix 18 - Summary of 2008 Site Reviews
Appendix 19 - Capital Improvement Database