Wentworth-Coolidge Commission

Upcoming Meetings
When: The committee will meet on June 10, July 15 and August 19, 2022. All meeings will start at 9:30 a.m.

Meeting Notes 
Feb 11
Coolidge Center/Visitor’s Center, 375 Little Harbor Road in Portsmouth

Wentworth Coolidge Commission meeting notes

The Wentworth-Coolidge Commission (WCC) was formed in 1982 when Governor Hugh Gallen appointed a group of volunteers to help care for the Wentworth-Coolidge Mansion. He tasked the Commission with making recommendations for furnishings, improvements, and future use of the Mansion. In 1989, Governor Judd Gregg issued a further Executive Order to continue the Commission’s involvement with the Mansion. He authorized the Commission to accept gifts of appropriate furnishings and to engage in fundraising activities, and he instructed the Commission to determine the maintenance needs of the Mansion.

The WCC has tackled a wide range of projects to help preserve this National Historic Landmark and attract increasing visitors to the site. Past and ongoing projects include restoring the historic heirloom lilacs to the site, cleaning the paintings and furnishings inside the Mansion, and restoring the many windows.