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Sanitation Timber Harvest at Bear Brook State Park

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The New Hampshire Division of Forests and Lands will be harvesting several red pine plantations on 118 acres of Bear Brook State Park.  This will be a sanitation harvest to remove trees that are infested with red pine scale, an exotic insect that has caused swift decline and mortality in red pine stands throughout RI, CT and MA.  This is the first documented case in New Hampshire and the Division of Forests and Lands is acting swiftly in an attempt to minimize the spread of this devastating insect.

Red Pine Scale outbreaks were first detected in CT, NY and NJ between the 1940’s and 1960’s and it has slowly crept north virtually eliminating red pine in RI and CT.  Over the past few years it has spread across most of MA.  The insect itself is not very mobile but it is easily spread by the wind and birds.  The first visible signs of infestation include bright “flagging” or discoloration of the lower branches followed by swift decline of the entire crown and rapid stand wide mortality.

“The Division of Forests and Lands does not, as a matter of practice, regenerate individual units of such a large scale as is planned with this operation,” stated Ken Desmarais, Forest Management Administrator.  “However based on experience in southern New England and the best current science, we expect most of the red pine trees within these stands to be killed within the next few years. Our goal is to substantially slow the spread of the red pine scale insects into other locations by harvesting these trees. A dead forest would offer very little recreation opportunity and would be unsafe for visitors. The newly regenerated stands will provide wildlife habitat and safe recreation conditions.”   

Harvesting is expected to begin this winter and will be concentrated in red pine stands along Deerfield Road, New Rye Road and One Mile Trail. Sanitation Harvest Map 

For additional information regarding red pine scale or if you have a red pine stand that you suspect may be infected contact Forest Health Program Coordinator Kyle Lombard at (603) 464-3016.

For additional information regarding the sanitation harvest at Bear Brook contact Regional Forester Will Guinn at (603) 271-2214.    

Red pines along One Mile Trail at Bear Brook State Park