Press Release Details

Hampton Harbor Dredging Project

Ready to Start Construction: A US Army Corps of Engineers project for maintenance dredging and improvement of Hampton Harbor is set to begin after October 15.  The Corps of Engineers is coordinating administration of the project with the New Hampshire Port Authority.
  • The scope of work of the project will include:
  • The maintenance dredging of shoaled areas within the existing Federal Navigation Channel.
  • The improvement dredging of the inner harbor in Hampton and Seabrook
  • The maintenance dredging of a state recreational anchorage.
  • The project will require the removal of approximately 172,000 cubic yards of clean sand by hydraulic cutter head pipeline dredging with the sandy material to be pumped and placed onto the south end of Hampton Beach State Park and also at designated areas of Seabrook town beach.
The selected bidder is Southwind Construction of Evansville, Indiana.

Dredging will commence in mid-November and the anticipated project completion date is March 24, 2013.

The dredging project will bring heavy trucks to Hampton Beach State Park. The time period for trucking would run from November through January.

For more information about the Dredging Project in Hampton Harbor view the official US Army Corp press release