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Headwaters Recreation Plan Approved

(Concord) The Department of Resources and Economic Development and the Connecticut Lakes Realty Trust have approved the 2012 amendment to the Public Access and Recreation Management Plan and Road Management Plan for the Connecticut Lakes Headwaters Working Forest.  The year-long collaboration with the Connecticut Lakes Headwaters Citizens Committee, recreation groups and the host communities has provided a management direction for the next 5 years.

New initiatives include designating a route for ATVs to cross the headwaters property linking trail systems in Pittsburg with trail systems in Errol and Colebrook, developing an equestrian use plan in cooperation with local riders, and creating safe off-highway parking areas along Route 3.  In addition as the low head dams on the property are reconstructed, the Division of Parks and Recreation will work with NH Fish and Game Department to construct and maintain public use facilities.

The Division of Parks and Recreation has managed the Connecticut Lakes Headwaters Working Forest Recreation Program since October 2003. The Division has works closely with local organizations to provide high-quality nature based recreation. This is the third time the public access and recreational use on the property has been evaluated.