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Public Meeting to Review Hampton Beach State Park 2012 Operating Plans

(Hampton Beach, NH – March 26, 2012) – The New Hampshire Division of Parks and Recreation and the Hampton Beach Area Commission invite you to join them on March 31st , 2012, at the new Seashell Complex to review the 2012 operating plans for Hampton Beach State Park.  The meeting is from 10am to noon and will be held in the Oceanfront Conference Room.  The Division will present its plan and there will be a question and answer session.  For those who are interested, a tour of the facilities will be offered after the meeting.  The event is sponsored by the Hampton Beach Area Commission.   

“Hampton Beach State Park is an integral part of the local community” said Phil Bryce, Director of the Division of Parks and Recreation. “We see this meeting as an opportunity to present our plans for management this season and hear from those whose livelihoods and quality of life depend on the State Park.”

“This is a perfect role for us,” said John Nyhan, Chair of the Hampton Beach Area Commission.  “Our mission is to help Hampton Beach reach its full potential as a premier destination for visitors.”

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