Hampton Beach Redevelopment

Update - April 18, 2010

Harvey Construction has moved into Hampton Beach and has started this multi-phase construction project. The project is well underway, with the construction trailers in place as well as the construction fence. The plan is for construction to start with the South (Haverhill Street) and North (Marine Memorial) Bathhouses now. Construction on these bathhouses should be done this September. After the Seafood Festival, the Seashell will be torn down and construction will immediately start on the new Seashell Complex. All of the Hampton Beach Redevelopment project will be complete by November 2011.

We will update this page with important project information, as well as send out information to the newsletter list. Our Seacoast Beach Report will also include information that is of importance to visitors to the park. There is a dedicated phone number, 1-800-258-3608, for the Seacost Beach Report or there is a webpage.

A formal groundbreaking with Governor John Lynch will be held on Wednesday, May 5th at 11:00 am at the North Bathhouse site (Marine Memorial), everyone is welcomed to be part of this momentous occasion.

Photos from Tuesday, April 13th

Hampton Beach Redevelopment Plans

We will update again soon.