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Pawtuckaway State Park, July 14th

The second installment of Great Park Pursuit will be held at Pawtuckaway State Park in Nottingham on Saturday, July 14th. Registration for this event will begin at 9:30am and end at 11:30am. From 10 am to 2 pm, teams will participate in a variety of environmental, wildlife and nature activities that are both fun and educational. The UNH Cooperative Extension, NH Fish and Game's Non-game and Wildlife Program, NH Department of Environmental Services Project WET and New Hampshire Audubon will sponsor this event and have lots of great activities planned! Miss New Hampshire's Outstanding Teen 2012 will also be at the event and provide a drop-in activity called "Protecting our outstanding outdoors!"

Guided Events

Investigating New Hampshire’s Wildlife
Join biologists from NH Fish & Game's Non-Game and Endangered Wildlife Program and a UNH Cooperative Extension biologist, on a walk along wetland edge habitat to discover the wildlife using this rich habitat. Learn techniques for observing wildlife and finding evidence of wildlife that you can use to explore other habitats throughout our state.
Activity times: 10:00-10:45  |  11:00-11:45  |  12:15-1:00  |  1:15-2:00

Dragonflies in our Midst
Discover how NH Audubon Senior Biologist Pam Hunt led a 5-year statewide study to gain a better understanding of the distribution of dragonfly species of conservation concern in NH. Follow as we hunt for dragonflies and use nets to get a closer look and identify these fascinating insects.
Activity times: 10:00-11:00  | 11:15-12:15  |  1:00-2:00

Let's go on a water quality and plankton safari!
Come meet Jeff Schloss and Bob Craycraft water quality specialists from UNH Cooperative Extension who will explain how we examine the health of lakes and why those microscopic plants and animals called plankton are so important. Learn about and try various water testing procedures and then do a plankton tow and examine your findings using our handheld Discovery Scopes.
Activity times: 10:00-11:00  |  11:15-12:15  |  1:00-2:00

Learn summer tree identification
Learn tree identification with Fred Borman, Rockingham County Forester with UNH Cooperative Extension. Learn basic skills which will enable you to identify the many species of trees found in Pawtuckaway State Park and southern New Hampshire. There are more than 50 species of hardwoods and conifers native to New Hampshire as well as many more introduced species and cultivars.
Activity times: 10:00-11:00  |  11:15-12:15  |  1:00-2:00

Build a water rocket
Build a water rocket with Rick Alleva, Youth and Family Field Specialist with UNH Cooperative Extension. Bring an empty two-liter bottle and Rick will provide you with the materials to build your own rocket and launch it into the air.  This activity is limited to the first ten teams who sign up for each session at the UNH Cooperative Extension tent near the main parking lot.
Activity times: 10:00-11:00  |  11:15-12:15  |  1:00-2:00

Drop-In Activities

The Incredible Journey
Join Vicky Stafford of the Merrimack County Conservation District who is representing the NH Department of Environmental Services and Project WET, and take a journey as a water droplet! Participants will move between nine stations which represent the different stops a water drop takes in the water cycle such as clouds, oceans, rivers, lakes, soil, groundwater, etc. At each station the participant collects a bead and then roles the cube to determine where to move next. Participants will end up with a string of beads representing their journey as a water drop!
Activity times: 10:00-12:00 or 12:30-2:00

Protecting our outstanding outdoors!
Join Eileen Kelley, Miss New Hampshire's Outstanding Teen 2012, as she teaches your team what you can do to protect the forest from dangerous wildfires. You will learn what wildfires are, how they are started, how they are stopped, their positive as well as negative effects, and much more. At the end your team will participate in "Go wild!" a game show that will put your wildfire knowledge to the test.
Activity times: 10:00-12:00 or 12:30-2:00

About the Event Sponsors

UNH Cooperative Extension
UNH Cooperative Extension provides New Hampshire citizens with research-based education and information, enhancing their ability to make informed decisions that strengthen youth, families and communities, sustain natural resources and improve the economy.

As a University outreach program, we have a network of professional Extension educators (University of New Hampshire staff) located in all 10 New Hampshire counties. Our staff work with local volunteers and specialists on the UNH campus to design and conduct educational programs that meet societal, environmental and economic needs.          

NH Fish and Game's Non Game and Endangered Wildlife Program
N.H. Fish and Game's Nongame and Endangered Wildlife Program, established in 1988, is the steward for the state's nongame wildlife -- species not hunted, fished or trapped. Through wildlife monitoring and management, plus outreach and education, the Nongame Program works to protect over 400 species of mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians, as well as thousands of insects and other invertebrates. The program works in cooperation with other New Hampshire agencies and organizations to develop and implement effective conservation strategies to protect and enhance this diverse group of wildlife.

Project WET
Project WET (Water Education for Teachers) is an interdisciplinary environmental education program which utilizes water as its theme. In New Hampshire, the program focuses on providing formal and non-formal K-12 educators with water education training and materials which can be used to promote awareness, appreciation, knowledge, and stewardship of water resources with youth.

New Hampshire Audobon
New Hampshire Audubon, a nonprofit statewide membership organization, is dedicated to the conservation of wildlife and habitat throughout the state. Independent of the National Audubon Society, NHA has offered programs in wildlife conservation, land protection, environmental policy, and environmental education since 1914.