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Franconia Notch State Park Programs

The 2015 Discover the Power of Parks program year starts at the end of June. Interpretive rangers, Nicole Cram and Vicky Benko have planned informative and fun programs for you to take advantage of while visiting Franconia Notch State Park. All programs are free with paid park admission. No pre-registration is required. Visit the Franconia Notch office or call 603-745-8391 for more information on upcoming programs.

You may also enjoy our Discover Power of Parks blog, posted weekly by our Interpreters this summer.

New this year: Complete the Discover the Power of Parks quest and receive a complimentary patch!

August Programs

  • August 1       Fantastic Falcons, 10am-1pm
                           Don't take it for Granite!,  2-4pm
                           Owl Be There!,  8-9pm 
  • August 2       Discovery Table ,  4-6pm
                           Campfire Stories,  8-9pm
  • August 4       By Gorge, It's Gorgeous!,  2-5pm
  • August 6       Fantastic Falcons, 10am-1pm
                           By Gorge, It's Gorgeous!,  2-5pm
                           Campfire Stories,  8-9pm
  • August 7       Don't take it for Granite!, 10am-1pm
                           Crafty Camouflage, 2-4pm 
                           Owl Be There!, 8-9pm
  • August 8       By Gorge, It's Gorgeous!, 9-11:30am
                          Alpine Adventure,  1pm and 2:30pm
                          Ancient Survival,  8-9pm
  • August 9      New Hampshire Trail,  4-6pm
  • August 11    By Gorge, It's Gorgeous!, 2-5pm
  • August 12    If Trees Could Talk, 10am-1pm
                          By Gorge, It's Gorgeous!, 3-5pm
  • August 14    Discovery Table,  3-6pm
                          Owl Be There!, 8-9pm
  • August 15    Discovery Table, 3-6pm
                          New Hampshire Trail, 7-9pm
  • August 16    Discovery Table, 4-6pm
                          Campfire Stories, 8-9pm
  • August 18    New Hampshire Trail, 7-9pm
  • August 20    If Trees Could Talk, 11am-2pm
                          Rock 'N' Roll!, 2-4pm
                          Campfire Stories, 8-9pm
  • August 21    By Gorge, It's Gorgeous!, 9am-12pm
                          Alpine Adventure, 1-2:30pm
                          Ancient Survival, 8-9pm
  • August 22    Fantastic Falcons, 10am-1pm
                          Crafty Camouflage, 2-4pm
                          Owl Be There!, 8-9pm
  • August 23     New Hampshire Trail, 7-9pm
  • August 27    Crafty Camouflage, 10am-1pm
                          Fantastic Falcons, 2-4pm
                          Campfire Stories, 7-8pm
  • August 28    By Gorge, It's Gorgeous!, 9am-12pm
                          Don't take it for Granite!, 2-4pm
                          Owl Be There!, 7-8pm
  • August 29    Rock 'N' Roll, 10am-1pm
                          Alpine Adventure, 2-3:30pm
                          Ancient Survival, 7-8pm

Program Descriptions

By Gorge, it's Gorgeous!: Investigate and explore your surroundings with a fun scavenger hunt! Keep an eye out for Ranger Nicole or Ranger Vicky at the Flume Gorge Visitor Center to grab your materials. They will be there marveling at your discoveries and passing out fun surprises!

Crafty Camouflage: Join Ranger Vicky at the Tram and learn about more about the craftiest adaption: camouflage!  Learn about some of the animals in New Hampshire that use it and make some really cool crafts too!

New Hampshire Trail: Meet at the Campground Amphitheater for a ‘choose your own adventure’ discovery experience! Travel back in time to when New Hampshire was being settled and see if you can make it to your final destination.

Ancient Survival: Join Ranger Nicole for an epic night of time traveling, spear throwing, bow drilling, and learning about the people that used to live in northern New Hampshire! Meet at the Campground Amphitheater.

Fantastic Falcons: Peregrine Falcons are the fastest birds in the world, and have inspired humans for generations.  Come visit Ranger Vicky’s table at Profile Lake and learn about the falcons of Franconia Notch!

Don't take it for Granite!: Swing by the Basin and visit Ranger Vicky's cool geology table!  Learn about the past geological events that have shaped New Hampshire and Franconia Notch.
Owl be There!: Come learn about the fluffy terror of the night sky, the owl! Learn about their silent flight, big eyes, and amazing ears! Join Ranger Vicky for a fun evening filled with a story, craft, and games!
Alpine Adventure: Join Ranger Niccole for a ½ mile nature walk around the rim trail! Meet at the top of Cannon Mountain (just outside the tramway) to start an adventure into the alpine zone!

Animal Adaptations: Have you ever wondered how nocturnal animals survive? Ranger Nicole will shine some light on this nighttime mystery! Don’t forget your flashlight and sense of adventure. Meet at the Campground Amphitheater.

Discovery Table: Come visit Ranger Vicky outside the Campground store to learn about some of the animals that live in New Hampshire, do some crafts, and do a scavenger hunt around the campground!

Campfire Stories: Join the Rangers for a fun-filled evening of wonderful interactive stories! Meet at the Campground Amphitheater early to learn how to build a campfire, but BYOM (bring your own marshmallows)!  

If trees could talk…: Discover the trees that call The Basin home! Join Ranger Nicole for an afternoon of tree ID, a treasure hunt, and a fun, treetastic craft!