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Bear Brook State Park Programs

  The 2014 Discover the Power of Parks program year starts at the end of June. Interpretive ranger, Claire Delbecq has planned informative and fun programs for you to take advantage of while visiting Bear Brook State Park. All programs are free with paid park admission. No pre-registration is required.
You may also enjoy our Discover Power of Parks blog, posted weekly by our Interpreters this summer.

New this year: Complete the Discover the Power of Parks quest and receive a complimentary patch!

If you are visiting Bear Brook on the weekend, check the program board by the store to see whats happening.

August Schedule

11 a.m - 1 p.m: Insect Creations*

1-3 p.m: Outdoor Skills

4-5 p.m: Sensory Exploration
11 a.m-12 p.m: Tremendous Trees

3:30-5:30 p.m: Insect Creations

8:30-9:30 p.m: Tricks of the Night
10 a.m-12 p.m: Caught on Pond's Edge

2-4 p.m: Outdoor Skills

9-10 p.m: Gazing at Galaxies
10-11:30 a.m: Meeting House History

12:30-2 p.m: Meeting House History
* These programs will meet at the day-use area.

Program Descriptions

Caught on Pond's Edge
Have you ever wondered what creatures enjoy swimming in the pond? Swing by at any point during the scheduled time to see if you can catch some insects and amphibians! Saturday's program will be at Beaver Pond Beach in the campground.

Meeting House History
Take some time to explore the Old Allenstown Meeting House! You'll learn about the history of the park and many of the people who have called this place home. The meeting house can be found on Deerfield Road, across from the CCC museum.

Tricks of the Night
As the evening sunlight fades, the world around us begins to change. Take a walk with me towards Spruce Pond to explore and better understand how a dark night affects many of our senses. We will meet by the carved bear in front of the campground store to start our walk.

Gazing at Galaxies

Join me for an hour of stargazing and constellation hunting. This program will meet in front of the campground store, by the carved bear and move to the field for the majority of the program. On cloudy evenings this program will run as a night hike.

Sensory Exploration
Expand and explore your different senses as we walk between Spruce and Beaver Pond. Even the most seasoned Bear Brook campers may find they're experiencing the park in a whole new way.

Tremendous Trees
Join me for some tree identification and fun tree related activities! We'll meet at the campground store then move throughout the campground to see what we find.

Outdoor Skills
Swing by my table in front of the campground store to learn how to tie some knots, identify different animal tracks, and learn how to use a compass.

Insect Creations
Craft your own insect and discover the diversity of Dragonflies, Spiders, and other enticing insects found in Bear Brook. Join me outside the campground store at any point during the scheduled time.