Miller State Park Utility Work

Update May, 2017

The Division of Parks and Recreation is working with the NH Public Utilities Commission and Eversource energy to correct safety deficiencies for the electric power and telecommunication service to the communication site at Miller State Park on Pack Monadnock. The present situation was created over time in a haphazard manner and now we are seeking to correct it in a safe, legal, documented, coordinated manner. Presently service to the summit from the base is a mixture of utility poles through the woods, then surface mounted conduit, and once again on utility poles at the summit. Over the next few weeks the utility will be surveying the proposed routes and you may see stakes and flagging as they lay out routes. Several options are being considered, however, at this point the most economical and easily maintained may be along the road side right of way.

Miller State Park Power Lines and Communications Cables Map