Umbagog Lake Programs

The 2016 Discover the Power of Parks program year has begun. Interpretive ranger, Donny Palumbo is planning informative and fun programs for you to take advantage of while visiting Umbagog Lake State Park. All programs are free with paid park admission. No pre-registration is required.

You may also enjoy our Discover Power of Parks blog, posted weekly by our Interpreters this summer.

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Park Programming Schedule

Thursday 3-5pm: Wild Woodlands

6-7pm: Fire of Inspiration
Friday 1-3pm: Wild Woodlands
  4-5pm: Go Go Nature Explorers
  9-10pm: Moonlight Meanderers
Saturday 11am-12pm: Wild Ethics, Leave No Trace

2-3pm: Experience Umbagog Boat Tour

9-10pm: Moonlight Meanderers
Sunday  9:30-10:30am: Fire of Inspirations

Program Descriptions

Moonlight Meanderers
The night skies of Umbagog are abundant with twirling, diving, and spiraling winged creatures. Join me across from the office in exploring the lives of the oft-underappreciated moths, and the historically feared bat that play an interconnected and vital role in our forest ecosystems.

Fire of Inspiration
Few spectacles are as capable of captivating human attention than fire – and even fewer things more integral to the human experience. Meet me at the fire pit across from the park office and together we’ll learn to build a safe fire using the bow-drill, and flint.

Wild Woodlands
The unique wilderness of the North Country is teeming with fascinating wildlife that live across diverse habitats. Don’t miss out on a hands-on, up-close introduction to the wildlife and habitats of the north at the table across from the park store.

Go Go Nature Rangers!
Calling all junior nature explorers! Come to the open field behind the remote camping parking lot and explore the everyday nature of Umbagog using all five senses. Learn to name trees, birdcalls, and play nature games.

Experience Umbagog Boat Tour
Across the twelve-mile expanse of Umbagog Lake lay several compelling sites, including islands with unique histories, a natural national landmark, and rare wildlife habitat. The heritage of Umbagog is as intriguing as the lake itself is beautiful. Come along on a journey into the storied past of this special place.

Wild Ethics: Leave No Trace
Head down to the beach and experience the ideas and practices of Leave No Trace wilderness ethics in this family friendly and activity filled program with a giveaway.

Distinct Landmarks on Lake Umbagog

Our Discover Power of Parks interpreter created this flyer highlighting a few distinct landmarks on the lake for visitors to use while exploring Umbagog. The flyer also provides a bit of history about the area. Print it out and bring it with you to add some adventure to your next visit.

Umbagog Lake Distinct Landmarks Flyer