Southern Rover Programs

The 2017 Discover the Power of Parks program year is has begun! Interpretive ranger, Sam Nunlist has planned informative and fun programs for you to take advantage of while visiting some of our Southern Area State Parks. Parks include Seacoast State Parks, Kingston State Park, Clough State Park, Silver Lake State Park and Bear Brook State Park. All programs are free with paid park admission. No pre-registration is required.

You may also enjoy our Discover Power of Parks blog, posted weekly by our Interpreters this summer.

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Park Programming Schedules

Hampton Beach State Park

Wednesdays 10-11:30am  Protect our Plovers
2-3:30pm  Leave No Trace at the Beach
No programs on 7/12

Wallis Sands State Beach

Thursdays 10-11:30am  Common Coastal Creatures
2-3:30pm  Leave No Trace at the Beach
No programs on 7/13

Kingston State Park

July 14 
11:30am-1pm  Ponding
2-3:30pm  Tree Identification Walks
July 21 11:30am-1pm  Leave No Trace 
2-3pm  Sketching Nature
July 28 11:30aam-1pm  Ponding
2-3:30pm  Tree ID Hikes 

Clough State Park

July 15  12-1pm  Sketching Nature
2-3:30pm  Leave No Trace
July 22 11:30am-1pm  Ponding
2-3:30pm  Fur, Glorious Fur! 
July 29 11:30am-1pm Ponding
2-3pm  Sketching Nature 

Silver Lake State Park

July 16
11am-12:30pm  Ponding
1:30-3pm  Tree ID Hikes
July 23 11am-12:30pm  Ponding
1:30-3pm  Fur, Glorious Fur!
July 30 11am-12:30pm  Tree ID Hikes
1:30-3pm  Leave No Trace

Program Descriptions

Leave No Trace!
Learn the tips and tricks for keeping New Hampshire's parks pristine and feel like you are the first to discover its beauty.

Fur, Glorious Fur!
Get a crash course in the history of furbears as well as see and touch some of the pelts that come from local mammals!

Protect our Plovers:
Learn why these adorable birds are protected and what you can do to help with their survival and walkaway with a plover puff craft.

Leave No Trace at the Beach:
There are a multitude of ways for leaving only footprints behind on the sand; join us to learn a few!

Common Coastal Creatures:

Stop by the interpretive table to discover the organisms you might see on the beach today. Field guides will be available for the rare animals you might have been lucky enough to spot.

Explore the often overlooked creatures that live just beneath the surface of the water!

Tree Identification Walks:
Ever wonder what tree it is you are looking at? Well wonder no more and learn the difference between an oak and a pine on this guided walk.