Greenfield & Monadnock Programs

The 2017 Discover the Power of Parks programs has begun! Interpretive rangers, Brittany O'Neal and Julia Boyer has planned informative and fun programs for you to take advantage of while visiting Greenfield and Monadnock State Parks. All programs are free with paid park admission. No pre-registration is required.

You may also enjoy our Discover Power of Parks blog, posted weekly by our Interpreters this summer.

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Greenfield: Programming Schedule

July 5 11am-1pm Naturally Crafty***
July 6  11am-1:30pm  Macro-Investigation**
2-4pm  Naturally Crafty***
July 7 10am-12pm  Naturally Crafty***
2-4pm  Macro-Investigation*
5-8pm  Table Talk** 
July 8  12-2pm   Macro-Investigation*
4-5:30pm  A Berry Boggy Hike**
8:30-9:30pm  Nighty, Night Hike**
July 14  10am-12pm Naturally Crafty***
3-4:30pm A Berry Boggy Hike*
5-8pm  Table Talk
July 15  12-2pm  Naturally Crafty***
4-5:30pm  Treasure Hunt*
8:30-9:30pm  Moths of Greenfield**
July 19 11am-1pm  So you think you can Camp***
July 20  11am-1:30pm  So you think you can Camp***
2-3pm  Treasure Hunt* 
July 21 10am-12pm  Treasure Hunt*
2-4pm  Macro-Investigation*
5-8pm  Table Talk** 
July 22 12-2pm  Treasure Hunt*
3-4:30pm  A Berry Boggy Hike**
8-9pm  Nighty, Night Hike**
July 26 11am-1pm  Treasure Hunt***
July 27 11am-1pm  So you think you can Camp***
2-3pm  Naturally Crafty*** 
July 28  10am-12pm  Naturally Crafty***
2-4pm Treasure Hunt**
5-8pm  Table Talk** 
July 29  12-2pm Macro-Investigation*
4-5:30pm A Berry Boggy Hike**
8:30-9:30pm  Moths of Greenfield** 
* Meet at the Camper's Beach
** Meet at the Office
*** Meet at the Picnic Beach

Monadnock: Programming Schedule

Wednesday 10am-1pm  Ranger is at the VC*
Thursday 9am-12pm  Ranger is at the VC*
1-4pm  Ranger is Hiking the Trails***
Friday 9-11am Ranger is at the VC*
12-2pm Ranger is Hiking the Trails***
Saturday 9-11am Ranger is at the VC*
2-5pm  Ranger is on the Summit**
Sunday 9-11am Ranger is at the VC*
2-5pm Ranger is on the Summit**
 July 12-13 No Programs Scheduled
* Programs may include Geology, History, Hiking 101, Leaf ID
** Come find the Rangers on the Summit! They like to answer questions!
*** Trails may include White Dot, White Cross, Dublin, Marlboro, Pumpelly

Program Descriptions

Hiking 101
Want to become an expert hiker? Stop by the hiker table at the Visitor Center on your way up to the summit to learn some handy tips and tricks. Interpretive Ranger Brittany & Julia will teach you the ways of Leave No Trace to guide you to greatness!

MonadRock Stop!
What in the world is a Monadnock? Well, it is the mountain you are walking on! You are about to summit a rock star of a mountain. Before you make the trek, come find an Interpretive Ranger for a 5 minute break on the trails of Mt. Monadnock to find out the rocktation story.

Inspiration Point
Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson are just a few of the famous writers that were inspired by Mt. Monadnock. They inspired generations to visit Mt. Monadnock using their words. Come find your inspiration for seeking out the wonders that this mountain holds.

Tree ID
Get to know the trees that are providing you oxygen and shade! Monadnock State Park is home to a variety of trees species that you walk right past on the way to the summit. Come learn how to identify these trees by the look of their leaves!

Night Time Adventures
Chances are you have experienced nature in the daylight, what about during the night? Let’s flip the switch and explore what our eyes and other senses are capable of at night time. There is nothing to fear because Ranger Brittany is here to lead the way. Come explore nature during its finest hours to learn about animals of the night, use your other sense, and enjoy the natural lights in the sky! Meet at the Gilson Pond Campground parking lot.
What to Bring: Warm clothes, water & BUG SPRAY

Treasure Hunt
Ranger Julia has lost some valuable, natural treasures and needs your help to find them! Meet her on the beach to get her list of items and see how fast you can find them all.

So You Think You Can Camp

While camping is fun, there are ways to be the best camper you can be! In this obstacle course, you will be challenged to tie knots, avoid hurting natural landscapes, and to respect wildlife.

Moths of Greenfield
You may think of them as those annoying flying things that eat your wool clothes, but they are so much more than that! Come help Ranger Julia as she attracts and identifies the moths of Greenfield. BONUS: Stargazing on the beach with Steve, our astronomer.