Franconia Notch Programs

The 2016 Discover the Power of Parks program year has begun. Interpretive rangers, Jillian Mather and Jessie Paulson have planned informative and fun programs for you to take advantage of while visiting Franconia Notch State Park. All programs are free with paid park admission. No pre-registration is required. Visit the Franconia Notch office or call 603-745-8391 for more information on upcoming programs.

You may also enjoy our Discover Power of Parks blog, posted weekly by our Interpreters this summer.

Park Programming Schedule

September 26 9-11am: Mad About Moose (#2)
September 27 9-11am: Fur Frenzy (#2)
September 28 2-4pm: Do You Know NH
  7-8pm: Troublesome Tracks (#1)
September 29 10am-12pm: Beary Fun! (#2)
  7-8pm: Night Adventures (#1)
September 30 11am-1pm: Beaver Fever (#3)
  2-4pm: Fur Frenzy (#5)

7-8pm: Batastic (#1) 
October 19-11am: Do You Know NH? (#5)
 1-3pm: Mad About Moose (#3)
 6-7pm: Batastic (#1) 
October 21-3pm: Beaver Fever (#3)
October 31-2pm: Easy as 1, 2, Tree (#5)
October 410am-12pm: Fur Frenzy (#2)
October 512-2pm: Do You Know NH (#3)
 6-7pm: Troublesome Tracks (#1) 
October 6 10am-12pm: Do You Know NH (#5)
 1-3pm: Beaver Fever (#3) 
 6-7pm: Campfire Stories (#1)
October 7 9-11am: Fur Frenzy (#6)
 1-3pm: Mad About Moose (#5)
October 8 1-3pm: Mad About Moose (#3)
 6-7pm: It's A Hoot (#1)
October 91-3pm: Things That Slither (#5)
October 101-3pm: Beaver Fever (#3)
October 1112-2pm: Fur Frenzy (#5)
October 12Hiker Cabin Closed
October 13 Hiker Cabin Closed
October 14 Hiker Cabin Closed
October 15 Hiker Cabin Closed
Location Key:
#1 Campground Amphitheatre
#2 Hiker Cabin
#3 Flume
#4 Campground Store
#5 Tram Station
#6 Basin

Program Descriptions

Fur Frenzy
Have you ever wondered how a fox’s pelt feels? Come feel the furs of Franconia! Learn about the various animals that live in the area and take a gander at some other animal artifacts!

It’s a Hoot
Come join us to learn about owls that prowl at night. Can you distinguish the various owl calls? Bring your friends and family to learn about these amazing creatures, and uncover the truth and myths that surround these mysterious birds.

Troublesome Tracks
Put your skills to the test; what animal tracks are you able to identify? Join us to discover what animals are up to when we’re not looking. Come make your own tracks and create a story to go along with it. Fun for the whole family!

Easy as 1,2,Tree
How well do you know your trees? Learn tree ID, and have a better understanding of the forest around you, while learning the beneficial properties of some of these trees!

Beary Fun!
Join Ranger Jessie at the Lafayette Place Campground store to color and make your own bear mask! Also get to learn about the Black Bears of New Hampshire.

Night Adventure
Bring your flashlight and go on a little night hike with your Franconia rangers! Learn about the nightlife of Franconia and be amazed by the darkness.

Mad about Moose
Have you ever heard of a ghost moose? Come learn about the largest animal of the hooved family! Also learn about some of the struggles their population faces.

Where have all the bats gone? Come learn about how the white nose syndrome is affecting our bat populations, and how we can help! These amazing winged creatures benefit us a lot more than you may think!

Living in Bear Country
Here you are in prime bear country! Discover ways to help keep bears at bay and learn what you should do when faced with a Black Bear! Ranger Jessie will tell you her experience as a bear technician, just ask!

Things That Slither
What has no arms or legs yet can still move more quickly than a lot of animals? Come find out, and learn some other amazing facts about our favorite slithering reptile!

Campfire Stories
Gather around the Lafayette Place Campground Amphitheatre and bring your own s’mores if you want! The Franconia Rangers will be telling lots of stories around the campfire!

Wild About Wildflowers
Have you ever been on a hike and come across a flower that you did not recognize? Well join Ranger Jillian to uncover some of the most common wildflowers found in New Hampshire. The next time your on a hike you’ll be able to impress everyone with your knew knowledge of identifying wild flowers.

Do You Know NH?
Drop in to Ranger Jessie’s display on New Hampshire and learn about the great state you’re vacationing in!