Franconia Notch Programs

The 2017 Discover the Power of Parks program year will begin soon. Interpretive rangers, Brain Donovan and Haley Doty have planned informative and fun programs for you to take advantage of while visiting Franconia Notch State Park. All programs are free with paid park admission. No pre-registration is required. Visit the Franconia Notch office or call 603-745-8391 for more information on upcoming programs.

You may also enjoy our Discover Power of Parks blog, posted weekly by our Interpreters this summer.

Park Programming Schedule

July 7 9am-11pm Fish Friends of Franconia #3
2:30-4pm  Interesting Insects #4
July 8  9-11am  Geology of Franconia #6
3-5pm  Introduction to Franconia #3
8:30-9:30pm  Campfire Stories #1
July 9  9-11am  Tremendous Tracks #2
4-5pm Leave No Trace #3
July 10 9-11am  Welcome Home #2
9:30-10pm  Oh My Stars! #2
July 11  9-11am  Introduction to Franconia #2
4-5pm  Introduction to Franconia #7
July 13  1-3pm  Glacier: Movers and Shapers #6
4-5pm  Eastern Brook Trout #6 
July 14 9-11am  Snakes of NH #6
2:30-3:30pm  Interesting Insects #5
4-5pm  Introduction to Franconia #7 
July 15  9-11am  Guided Hike: Rim Trail
3-5pm  Introduction to Franconia #7
8:30-9:30pm  Campfire Stories #1
July 16  9-11am  Interesting Insects #2
4-5:30pm  Tremendous Tracks #3
July 17 9-11am  Leaf it to Me! #2
9:30-10pm  Oh My Stars! #2
July 189-11am  Fish Friends of Franconia #2
4-5pm  Fish Friends of Franconia #3
July 19 9-11am  Geology of Franconia #2
4-5pm Geology of Franconia #5 
July 204-5:30pm  Leave No Trace #1
1-3pm  Introduction to Franconia #6 
July 21 9-11am  Eastern Brook Trout #3
4-6pm  Ranger Patrol: Lonesome Lake
3-5pm  Welcome Home! #5
July 22 9-11am  Guided Hike: Rim Trail
3-5pm  Introduction to Franconia #3
8:30-9:30pm  Campfire Stories #1 
July 23 9-11am  Leaf it to Me #2
4-5pm  Leaf it to Me #6 
July 249-11am  Snakes of NH #2
4-6pm  Ranger Patrol: Bald Mountain/ Artist Bluff Loop 
July 25 9-11am  Bear Aware #2
9:30-10pm  Oh My Stars! 
July 26 9-11am  Glaciers: Movers and Shapers #2
4-5:30pm  Interesting Insects #6 
July 27 9-11am  Eastern Brook Trout #3
1-3pm  Tremendous Tracks #6
4-5pm  Fish Friends of Franconia #7 
July 289-11am  Fish Friends of Franconia #3
2:30-4:30pm  Leave No Trace #7 
July 29 9-11am  Introduction to Franconia #3
8:30-9:30pm  Campfire Stories #1 
#1. Campground Amp.
#2. Hiker Cabin
#3. Flume
#4. Campground Store
#5. Tram Station
#6. Basin
#7 Echo Lake Basin

Program Descriptions

Glaciers: Movers and Shapers
Come learn about how Franconia Notch was transformed into the awe-inspiring valley we see today! Travel back in time to see how the notch was influenced by it's surroundings and how you can help preserve it!

Leaf It To Me!
How well do you know your trees? Join us on a short guided walk along the Pemi Trail and learn how to identify popular trees in the area. At the end of the walk, there may even be time for leaf rubbings!

Eastern Brook Trout
Visit Ranger Brian at the Flume to learn about the wonders of the Eastern Brook Trout.

Tremendous Tracks!
Release your inner detective to figure out what our wild neighbors are up to based on their tracks alone! Come learn how to identify animals by their tracks and even make your own tracks!

Leave No Trace
Learn how to move through nature without leaving a trace. Bigfoot has been doing it for years! Stop by to discover different tactics to keep you, your family and the environment happy campers.

The Snakes of New Hampshire
Visit Ranger Brian at the Basin to discover more about the snakes of Franconia Notch State Park and New Hampshire.

Interesting Insects
Can't live with them, can't live without them! Discover more about the millions of insects that call Earth home. Learn easy tricks to identify species, how humans benefit from insects and some of their negative impacts.

Welcome Home!
While you are moving in to your temporary home in the campground, come learn about some of the animals that call Franconia Notch State Park home year round.

Patrol and Public Contact
Keep an eye out for ranger Brian as he patrols the trails of Franconia. He is looking forward to answering your questions about hiking and nature.

Bear Aware
Welcome to Bear Country! Stop by to learn about black bears, make your own bear mask and develop good habits that keep both you and the bears safe.

Campfire Stories
Come gather round the campfire in the Lafayette Place Campground Amphitheater to hear local
legends and spooky stories. Feel free to bring your own s'mores and prepare for a night of fun!

Fish Friends of Franconia
Visit Ranger Brian at the Flume and learn about the fish of Franconia Notch State Park

Introduction to Franconia
Visit Ranger Brian at the Flume to learn more about the wonders of Franconia Notch State Park.