Historic Sites

172 Pembroke Road
Concord NH 03301
Phone: 603-271-3556

The Bureau of Historic Sites is responsible for the care, maintenance and administration of the State Historic Sites as well as the historic resources under stewardship of the Department of Resources and Economic Development. The Bureau utilizes preservation best by following the Secretary of the Interior Standards for all buildings, landscapes and collections under its purview.

The Bureau was established in 2007 per RSA 12-A:10-d and the duties of the bureau are outlined in RSA 12-A:10-e. Some of these duties include:

Defining missions and goals for the state's historic sites and ensure accountability in the ongoing stewardship responsibilities for such sites.

Enter into partnerships and provide effective management of partnerships with other agencies and "friends" groups connected to the state's historic sites.

Work collaboratively with the Division of Historical Resources in the Department of Cultural Resources, in the management of the state historic sites and the development of interpretive and visitor programs for students and the general public that will build ongoing recognition and appreciation for the state's historic sites.

To learn more about our specific historic sites, please use the following links:

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