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Snowmobile Trail Conditions

April 11, 2014 Update

What a great season!

Last week we thanked the landowners, this week we want to thank all of the club members that have worked so hard to maintain the trail system this winter. It has been one of the longest and snowiest in awhile, with some ice storms and flooding thrown in, which means a lot of hours in those groomers! Thank you to those clubs that have worked with us to keep the Trail Condition Report updated. Many riders have contacted us during the season praising the report for its up-to-date riding conditions and club event information.

While we’re at it, thanks need to go out to all of the riders too! Your support of the clubs is so important to the success of the trail system. The funds received from your registrations, grooming donations, and participation at events is essential to their success, which means a great trail system for you to enjoy!

Mud season has arrived in the majority of NH and as such winter trails have closed and OHRV trails are closed for mud season. Gates in State Parks and Forests are closed, as are gates on recreational rail trails and many private lands.

There is still some spring riding available in the higher elevations in portions of Coos County. From this point on, please check local club web sites for riding availability. Some riding still available in areas such as Pittsburg, Jericho Mountain State Park, Bear Notch, and other northern areas of Coos County.

Have a wonderful summer. See you on the trails next December!

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Additional Resources and Information

For information on NH’s OHRV & Snowmobile regulations view the NH OHRV & Snowmobile Digest of Regulations at:

For more information on New Hampshire's snowmobile trail system watch this video on the NH Fish and Game YouTube Channel: