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Seacoast Beach Report /Hampton Beach Lifeguards

Including Wallis Sands, Jenness Beach, North Beach, North Hampton Beach, and Hampton Beach State Park 
This report is updated each day, but reflects conditions at the time of the report. Beach conditions may vary with weatherchanges. If this report is not updated, we may be experiencing technical difficulties

Date: Aug. 29, 2015 Time of Report: 8:00  AM
Current Weather:
 Mostly Sunny 

Wind: Calm  

Surf:  2-3  feet
Air Temperature:
  66 Degrees Water Temperature:  
64 Degrees  
Low Tide:
5:43  PM High Tide:   
 11:22  AM
  COMMENTS:  Sun and dry air plus warm water equals..... Another #10 Day at the seacoast!!
Note:   If caught in a rip current - relax, let it take you out then swim to the side before heading in to shore.  Never attempt to swim straight back to shore you will tire and not make any progress. Rip Currents will take you out but not suck you down. Swimming directly back to shore will sap your energy and put you in a life threatening situation. 

For information about rip currents, please visit the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National Weather Service website.

A safety flag system is in place. Please review the meaning of the flag colors: 
RED - High Hazard with high surf and/or strong currents; 
YELLOW - Medium Hazard with moderate surf and/or currents;